mirror of the nameless

[Review] The Mirror of the Nameless

William Brown reviews The Mirror of the Nameless by Luke Walker, a fast-paced creature-feature gorefest from a fantastic writer of action...​

[Review] The Art of Anatomy

Ann Laabs reviews The Art of Anatomy, a novelette by Gary Power which will appeal to fans of HBO’s Carnivàle...​
amulet card

[Review] Amulet (2020)

Ellis Reed reviews Amulet, the long-awaited début of writer-director Romola Garai...
homebound card

[Review] Homebound (2021)

British horror Homebound, supported by the BFI and BBC Film, is the feature length debut of writer-director Sebastian Godwin...
cuckoo featured

[Review] The Cottingley Cuckoo

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews The Cottingley Cuckoo by AJ Elwood, a deeply chilling literary horror novel for fans of Rosemary’s Baby and dark fairy lore...​

[Review] Ten Little Indians (1965)

The 1965 version of the Agatha Christie classic is coming to Blu-Ray on 15 March, courtesy of Network. Jonathan Rowe takes a look...​
wh card

Winter Haunts, Sunday 6 November 2022

Winter Haunts is billed as ‘an online day of workshops, panels & talks on ghost stories, gothic and supernatural fiction, with Sarah Waters, Paul Tremblay and more...’
a different kind of light featured

[Review] A Different Kind of Light

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews A Different Kind of Light by Simon Bestwick, a genuinely scary novella from Black Shuck Signature...
black gloves 8

[Review] The Black Gloves (2017)

Last month, the colour version of Lawrie Brewster’s horror melodrama, The Black Gloves, became available to stream on Amazon. Mark Anthony Ayling reviews the film for Horrified...

[Review] Deity by Matt Wesolowski

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews Deity by Matt Wesolowski, the latest instalment in the utterly compelling, podcast-inspired Six Stories horror/crime series...
dark missives ft

[Review] Dark Missives

William Brown reviews Dan Howarth’s Dark Missives: ‘all killer, no filler’ from a true master of horror...​

Tell Me I’m Worthless

Dan Carpenter reviews Tell Me I’m Worthless by Alison Rumfitt: ‘the haunted house novel for our times.’​
home & other stories feat

[Review] Home & Other Stories

Paul Gorman reviews P.J. Blakey-Novis’s Home, a micro-anthology of short stories themed around Earth, Air, Fire and Water...
night voices

Night Voices – a review

Robert Welbourn reviews Night Voices, a collaboration between Paul Edwards and Frank Duffy containing scary stories of the supernatural but also everyday life.
the christmas you deserve

The Christmas You Deserve – a review

Sarah Johnson reviews Paul Finch's The Christmas You Deserve, a collection of seasonal ghost stories in which revenge is exacted and transgressions are punished...​
followers card

Release date and trailer for Followers

Followers – the new film from Parkhouse Pictures, who produced Anna and the Apocalypse and The Kindred – will be hitting cinemas on 18 March 2022...

[Review] The Crows

William J. Brown reviews C. M. Rosens’ ‘mind-boggling and surprising’ The Crows, the first novel in the Pagham-on-Sea series.​..
zomblogalypse feat

[Review] Zomblogalypse

A decade on, the cult web show returns as a big screen feature. Ellis Reed reviews the Zomblogalypse movie and catches up with the filmmakers...​
under a raven’s wing stephen volk

[Review] Under A Raven’s Wing

Ann Laabs reviews Under A Raven’s Wing, Stephen Volk’s collection of Sherlock Holmes prequel stories featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s detective Dupin...
bm card

[Review] Black Mamba

Black Mamba, the debut novel from William Friend, slithers into Ally Wilkes’s must-read list, bringing literary-horror stylings and creepy delights...
black mountain card

[Review] Black Mountain

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes takes a trip to Mynydd Du in Simon Bestwick’s novel Black Mountain, an accomplished found-document horror set in the forests of Wales...
evie 2

[Review] Evie (2021)

Ellis Reed reviews Evie by Dominic Brunt and Jamie Lundy, which premièred at the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest...​

Ten Terrifying & True Terror Tales

Terror Tales editor, Paul Finch, recounts 10 of the most disturbing true terror anecdotes he's collected during his time as custodian of the much-loved series...​
the burning girls

The Burning Girls (review)

Rob Welborn explains why he read The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor with such unrelenting enthusiasm: “I could not stop reading this book”.
society place featured

[Review] Society Place

David Allkins reviews Society Place, a novella by Andrew David Barker: ‘a great addition to English supernatural horror’.

Dune Drifter – a review

Ellis Reed reviews 2020's Dune Drifter, a low budget sci-fi effort from writer/director, Mark Price...
babythump 2021

[Review] Babythump (2021)

Andrew Screen reviews 2021's BABYTHUMP, the second horror short film from editor-turned-director, Ian Killick...​
the battersea poltergeist

[Review] The Battersea Poltergeist (2021)

Highly popular BBC podcast, The Battersea Poltergeist, revisits the infamous mid-50s haunting and attempts to uncover the truth behind the remarkable story. Graham Williamson reviews the podcast for Horrified...
the show ft

[Review] The Show (2020)

Ellis Reed reviews The Show, Alan Moore's screenwriting début, from the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest. Mitch Jenkins directs...​

The Woman In Black (1989)

The Woman In Black finally gets a restoration from Network, but what does Horrified's Kira Comerford think about this previously unavailable ghost story classic?
censor feat

[Review] Censor (2021)

Mark Anthony Ayling reviews Censor by Prano Bailey-Bond, an ‘art-horror classic-in-the-making’...​
followers card

[Review] Followers (2021)

Ellis Reed reviews Followers, which will be playing in Vue and Showcase cinemas from 18 March...
l card

[Review] Lips

Ellis Reed reviews Lips, the new short film from Black Octopus Productions...
beneath the trees feat

[Review] Beneath the Trees (2019)

Mark Anthony Ayling reviews Beneath the Trees by Marco De Luca, which is now available to stream through the Sky Store and Amazon Prime...
ph card

[Review] Parallel Hells

Natalie Wall reviews Parallel Hells, Leon Craig’s ‘strong’ debut short story collection using gothic horror and folklore to explore queer themes and identity...
the midwife 3

[Review] The Midwife (2021)

Ellis Reed reviews The Midwife, a chilling indie horror by Ryan Gage and Marta Baidek, which recently appeared on Amazon Prime...​

[Review] Horrifying Tales: An Anthology

Ann Laabs presents for your approval a short, sharp collection: Horrifying Tales from Greenteeth Press collects vignettes from a haunted generation of children, bathed in the comforting glow of 1970s and 1980s television...
ars gratia sanguis feat 4

[Review] Ars Gratia Sanguis

Dan Carpenter enjoys Great British Horror volume 6, Ars Gratia Sanguis, ‘a fascinating exploration of the links between horror and visual art.’
shepherd card

[Review] Shepherd (2021)

Ria Woodburn reviews Shepherd, a supernatural chiller by Russell Owen, which is out on blu-ray and streaming tomorrow...
Alice goddess 2(1)

[Review] Wastelands (2020)

Kemal Yildirim’s film Wastelands is touring festivals with eighteen selections, six nominations and nine awards under its belt. Graham Williamson reviews for Horrified...​
Cult Cinema Cover

[Review] Cult Cinema

Andrew Pope explores cults, brainwashing and ‘bad religion’ in Howard David Ingham’s non-fiction book Cult Cinema.

Terror Tales of the Home Counties – a review

William Brown reviews Terror Tales of the Home Counties, the latest in an anthology series from author Paul Finch, combining horror stories with vignettes of Britain’s macabre past...
a quiet apocalypse featured

[Review] A Quiet Apocalypse

Robert Welbourn reviews A Quiet Apocalypse by Dave Jeffery, the first in a series of post-apocalyptic novellas set in a meningitis-ravaged Britain.
minor hauntings cov

[Review] Minor Hauntings

Sarah Johnson reviews Minor Hauntings: Chilling Tales of Spectral Youth (ed. Jen Baker), the latest in the British Library’s excellent Tales of the Weird series...
The Abyss Within

[Review] The Abyss Within

William J Brown reviews The Abyss Within, a collection of short macabre delights from SmashBear Publishing with all proceeds going towards Women’s Aid...
we are wolves featured

We Are Wolves (review)

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews We Are Wolves, a new collection of horror by female and non-binary writers with all proceeds going to survivors of abuse and assault...
Sequence 07.00_51_36_18.Still015

Onus – a review

Ellis Reed reviews new folk horror tale, Onus, the sophomore effort from British writer/director, Alex Secker...
cropped heiress poster

[Review] The Heiress (2021)

Bobby Diabolus takes a look at new supernatural horror The Heiress from first time director Chris Bell...​
too near the dead featured

[Review] Too Near the Dead

A young couple move into a brand new house, but a spirit from the past will not be quelled. Paul Gorman reviews Too Near the Dead, a haunting story from the Scottish countryside, by Helen Grant.​..
human beings feat

[Review] Human Beings

Ann Laabs reviews Human Beings, a quietly dread-inducing collection of short stories by Rachael Llewellyn that will ‘break your heart while creeping your flesh’.​
h is for hell

[Review] H is for Hell

Robert Welbourn reviews H is for Hell, the latest in a series of short story anthologies from Red Cape Publishing...
the kindred card

[Review] The Kindred (2021)

A woman suffering from amnesia pieces together the events that led to her father’s suicide, only to be haunted by the ghosts of children that she begins to suspect were murdered by him…
everythings annoying featured

[Review] Everything’s Annoying

Paul Gorman reviews Everything’s Annoying by J.C. Michael, a promising debut collection inspired by the British horror of the 80s.​..
hosts 4

Hosts – review

Ellis Reed reviews Adam Leader and Richard Oakes’ home invasion thriller, Hosts...
the power 4

[Review] The Power (2021)

In Corinna Faith's feature length début, a trainee nurse is haunted during a blackout. Ellis Reed reviews for Horrified...
the new abject featured image 4

The New Abject – review

Richard Gough Thomas reviews The New Abject, a collection of short stories exploring the queasy, contagious and wretched...
The World We Knew featured image

The World We Knew – a Review

Ellis Reed reviews new independent British horror, The World We Knew, due for its world premiere at FrightFest in October...
hff card

[Review] Holes for Faces

Robert Welbourn reviews Holes for Faces, a new collection of short stories from the horror institution which is Ramsey Campbell…
British-Weird crop

The British Weird – a review

Ally Wilkes reviews The British Weird, a collection of stories from the British “Haute Weird” tradition of 1893-1937...
hauntology – ghosts of futures past

Hauntology: Ghosts of Futures Past – A review

Ally Wilkes reviews Merlin Coverley's Hauntology: Ghosts of Futures Past which uses speculative fiction to produce a careful examination of the concepts of haunting, time, and nostalgia.
devils of london feat

[Review] Devils of London

William Brown reviews Devils of London, Simon Bestwick’s novella set in a post-apocalyptic London: ‘historically- and politically-attuned horror, smouldering with dread.’
cheslyn myre feat

[Review] Cheslyn Myre

Paul Gorman visits the troubled town of Cheslyn Myre in Dan Weatherer’s new novella, and wants to see more…
london gothic book

London Gothic – review

Sarah Johnson reviews London Gothic, a collection of short stories by Nicholas Royle full of eerie uncertainties and a pervasive sense of dread...
The Face in the Glass – Tales of the Weird

The Face in the Glass – Tales of the Weird

Sarah Johnson celebrates the genre accomplishments of Mary Elizabeth Braddon, a commercially successful Victorian writer, in her review of The Face in the Glass from the British Library’s Tales of the Weird...
The Owners (Signature Entertainment, 22nd February) [2]

[Review] The Owners

Ellis Reed takes a look at Julius Berg's feature-length debut, The Owners, starring Maisie Williams and Sylvester McCoy...
such pretty things featured

[Review] Such Pretty Things

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews Such Pretty Things by Lisa Heathfield, a short and nightmarish novel for fans of Susan Hill or Henry James...​
the apparition phase

The Apparition Phase – a review

Dan Jones reveals The Apparition Phase by Will Maclean, a hugely enjoyable debut examining grief and loneliness through the 1970s paranormal.
the nameless

[Review] The Nameless

William Brown reviews The Nameless, the final entry in Luke Walker’s excellent and action-packed Nameless trilogy...
bedtime stories featured

[Review] Bedtime Stories

Sarah Johnson reviews Bedtime Stories, a collection of thought-provoking original and Lovecraftian short stories by Russell Smeaton...
i am the dark tourist

[Review] I am the Dark Tourist

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews I am the Dark Tourist by H. E. Sawyer, a thought-provoking, uncomfortable and chilling look at the appeal of ‘dark tourism’...
randall’s round featured

[Review] Randall’s Round

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes is entranced by Randall’s Round: Nine Nightmares by Eleanor Scott: ‘a powerful distillation of the British Weird.’​
harvest 2

[Review] Harvest

Paul Gorman reviews Harvest, a superbly enjoyable graphic novel about occult practices in the English countryside, by Julian Payne and Zoe Elkins​...
just behind you feat

[Review] Just Behind You

Mike O’Driscoll explores Ramsey Campbell’s world - ‘a dark, refracted vision of our own’ - in his short story collection Just Behind You.​
ef card

[Review] Everyone Forgot

Ellis Reed reviews Everyone Forgot by Theo Kai Marlow, which had its world première at the recent FrightFest...
picker’s bleed

[Review] Picker’s Bleed

William Brown reviews Picker’s Bleed, a tale of witchy curses, haunted houses, and demonic possession from Mark R. Faulkner...
Far From the Apple Tree

[Review] Far From the Apple Tree

Ellis Reed reviews Grant McPhee's Far From the Apple Tree, 'a dazzling film with shades of the occult and folk horror'...​
standing woman feat

[Review] Standing Woman

Tony Hipwell has a new short film out – and it couldn’t be more different to Zomblogalypse! We take a look at Standing Woman, based on a story by Yasutaka Tsutsui...
the angels of l19 feat

[Review] The Angels of L19

Dan Carpenter discovers The Angels of L19 by Jonathan Walker, a ‘strange, brilliant’ novel set in a close-knit Christian community in Thatcherite Liverpool.​
Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 15.56.22

[Review] Country of Hotels (2019)

In his feature film début, London-based director Julio Maria Martino invites us to stay in Room 508. Graham Williamson reviews Country of Hotels for Horrified...​
made in britain cover

[Review] Made In Britain

WJ Brown reviews Made in Britain from HellBound Books: 'everything a horror anthology should be'...
midsummer eve

[Review] Midsummer Eve

Dan Carpenter reviews Midsummer Eve (ed. Steve J Shaw), the sixth volume in Black Shuck Books’ terrific Great British Horror anthology series...
EXIT publicity Adrienne2 (1)

[Review] Exit (2020)

Exit is the feature-length début of Michael Fausti, who unveiled the film at last year’s Horror-on-Sea. Graham Williamson takes a look...​
All The White Spaces

All The White Spaces

Paul Gorman is swept to the wilderness of Antarctica in All the White Spaces, the stunning debut novel by Ally Wilkes, and finds something waiting there...
the villa and the vortex featured

[Review] The Villa and The Vortex

William Brown reviews The Villa and The Vortex, an ‘exquisite’ new collection of Elinor Mordaunt’s classic weird fiction from Handheld Press...

The Shape of Darkness (review)

Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell, a gothic page-turner of supernatural tension and claustrophobic atmosphere...