When the ghosts went

by Daniel C. Tuck

John Arkwright has seen ghosts for years: in the bingo hall, in the supermarket; everywhere. The day the ghosts stop, John realises something has drastically changed…

The Peacock Tavern

The Peacock Tavern

The mysterious disappearance of Colin Carmichael leads investigator Mr Surety to an old tavern, the last known whereabouts of the missing man. But something is not right. Not right at…
in the tomb of the red king feat

In the Tomb of the Red King

A tip-off from a local stranger sends Francis, a keen archaeologist, to an ancient tomb in Cornwall. Fiction by Hank Belbin.​..


Daniel’s relationship with his roommates has deteriorated, along with his dangerous relationship with drugs and alcohol. There is a high price to pay, however, when Daniel’s anger spills over one…
a box of lucifers

A Box of Lucifers

1860: Andrew Syms craved freedom from caring for his invalid mother. He reveals to our narrator the supernaturally-inflicted events that led to her death. Some things in this world are…


'Marius' appears to a bullied schoolboy in his dreams. When the bullying becomes rather extreme, Marius appears to the schoolboy and takes him to claim his revenge. However, it soon…
the brook witch

The Brook Witch

Amid a fierce snowstorm, a young girl must protect her ailing sister against the biting cold and the Brook Witch. But does the witch really exist?
The Corn Bride

The Corn Bride

This salutary tale is a sharp reminder that, if you deal with the Devil, even unwittingly, be prepared to pay your dues…
nuggets – jez conolly

Nuggets: Reflux

Enter the gruesome, grainy 1970s world of Reginald Halliday, the septuagenarian 'retired' serial killer who has turned his 'skill set' into a small business....
A Morning on Crow Hill

A Morning on Crow Hill

Nora Watkins is the wife of a 17th Century village gravedigger. When the night-watchman kills a mysterious figure it falls on Nora to retrieve the body – but on Crow…
Camera Anima Mea

Camera Anima Mea

Sully buys a camera which takes pictures of people’s souls. The insight it gives him into his friends is disturbing. Then he takes a selfie.
vinegar tom featured image

Vinegar Tom

The eerie sound of a fox in the night has been known to shred the nerves. In ‘Vinegar Tom’ that is only the beginning…
Beyond the horizon

Beyond the horizon

Could the idyllic cottage down the country lane be Aaron and Judith’s dream home, or the stuff of nightmares? Be careful what you wish for…

The Stinge

When two youngsters break into a garage, accidentally tipping over a beaker, they soon begin to realise that crime doesn’t pay... ​
monster of glamis card

The Monster of Glamis

Story by Stuart Cleland. A man is determined to find a secret chamber in a castle. From the moment of discovery and enlightenment on its tragic history, he is never…
the pumpkin patch

The Pumpkin Patch

Once you die you go in the ground, right? Wrong. Crazed Edward is determined to maintain, please and talk to his crop of pumpkins. Doomed to a seemingly horrific life,…
so much to see – frazer lee

So Much To See

When the circus comes to town promising 'So much to see...and kids go free!' it provides a welcome diversion for busy single mum Hannah. But she soon discovers that unspeakable…
the prisoner of london featured image

The Prisoner of London

Loss and regret; Sadness. Eavesdrop on the correspondence between a killer and his muse. The cause of so much; the punishment for much more.
a glazed white face featured image

A Glazed White Face

Could the harmless effigy of a cat hold such sinister power? For god's sake, beware the stare from the Glazed White Face.


Laura is exhausted. She sits with her mum having coffee after a harrowing night of haunting. Laura's haunting continues at breakfast and throughout the day. The haunting intensifies at her…
the nobody-people featured image

The Nobody-People

Many children have imaginary friends, don’t they, that no one else can see? But of course, they’re just make-believe – aren’t they…?
Tea with Mrs Hindley

Tea with Mrs. Hindley

Pages from the private journal of Derek, a fifty-something loner who chronicles his afternoons spent in the company of Mrs. Hindley, a woman whose dark past Derek helps to keep…
kokeshi featured

That Last Kokeshi Doll You Bought

That Last Kokeshi Doll You Bought is a mystery story about a revenant and revenge, set in contemporary Japan, and told mostly as a dramatic monologue...
a medium for ghosts feature image

A Medium for Ghosts

A late night at the office turns into anything but mundane, as you’ll discover in this surreal tale from the pen of Joe Howsin...
The Mall

The Mall

A tour into a hellish purgatory where you shop ‘till you drop...
The White Tree featured image

The White Tree

No one touches the White Tree. A forester, Sam Edwards, has been tasked with cutting it down. But what might happen when one crosses a line that ought not be…


There are many places that offer a source of relief and sanctuary for us, in our hours of need. What if, however, one such place was to become anything but…
rainbow pit

Rainbow Pit

Rainbow Pit is part of a series of stories that Ray has been writing for a project he calls Municipal Gothic - and is set in an underpass beneath a…
contrasts in sepia featured image

Contrasts in Sepia

Another strange and disquieting tale from John Clewarth, where nothing is ever quite as it seems...
‘s great big dog card

Ralph’s Great Big Dog

Story by Jay D. Green. Aria has moved from California to Scotland to start a new life and find the man of her dreams. Her relationship with Phin is going…
Nancarrow’s Mirror LARGE 2

Nancarrow’s Mirror

Am-dram company Director, Danny Cavendish, is a serial womaniser, on the run from his past. As production rehearsals grow increasingly sour, Danny enlists the help of a local woman, Annie…
when the ghosts went

When the Ghosts Went

John Arkwright has seen ghosts for years: in the bingo hall, in the supermarket; everywhere. The day the ghosts stop, John realises something has drastically changed...
a mirror darkly featured image

A Mirror Darkly

A second-hand mirror bought to brighten a home reflects something much darker altogether...
the oracle of his ashes ft

The Oracle of His Ashes

In the dreaming spires of Oxford, a professor finds an ancient incantation, given by a witch to the last pagan king of Mercia...​
Wallys Corner nikola-jovanovic

Wally’s Corner

Wally and his old friend, Ronnie, go back a long way. Now, in the twilight of their years, they find looking back can be a bitter-sweet business. And letting go…
stuck featured image


Katie is stranded in her car in the middle of a deserted industrial estate. But is something in the vehicle with her?
Lowly and Solemn Be

Lowly and Solemn Be

While inspecting an abandoned school with his granddaughter, a maintenance worker begins to experience strange and disturbing feelings. This story, the debut of writer Carrie Mills, is based in part…
the selkie warehouse featured image

The Selkie Warehouse

Taken from the sea, a therianthropic selkie discovers the horrible truth behind the fate of her kind...
green chain walk featured

Green Chain Walk

A quaint village, rural walks, good company and hospitality – surely the ingredients for a relaxing few days away? However, a fireside tale at the Haunted Man Inn leads to…
on famous monsters featured image

On Famous Monsters: The Requel

Here's award-winning poet Simon Widdop's 'horror poem', On Famous Monsters: The Requel featuring some old monster movie favourites...


As a coal-fired power station nears the end of its life, an elderly engineer finds it hard to let go...​


Yorkshire, 1963. A boy and his grandfather settle down for a day’s fishing. Close by is fellow angler ‘Painter’ Jack, who baits his hook with maggots… and eats them by…
the subtlety of serpents featured image

The Subtlety of Serpents

Knowing your own mind is a good thing, but listening to advice is worthwhile too, as the protagonist of this story discovers, in The Subtlety of Serpents.

The Reeds

Paul’s M.R. James-esque story, The Reeds, is set around the town where he grew up. In it, a grieving widower seeks solitude in a small village, where the ancient past…
The Woman Who Loved Winter

The Woman Who Loved Winter

The cold embrace of winter forms a commanding backdrop, in Jonathan's haunting and atmospheric tale of a love which cannot and will not be denied...
Where the litte boy drowned

Where The Little Boy Drowned

Gordon’s New Year resolution to exercise more is one that many of us explore, following the possible excesses of Christmas. But in Jim Mountfield’s tense tale, it leads the protagonist…
foramen ft


Down in the permanent blackness, an organism retains a memory of a food source untasted for many centuries...
roadside featured image


In this story from our youngest author, Ben Unsworth (15), the normal dangers of breaking down on the roadside pale into insignificance. On this Highway to Hell, stricken drivers will…
the twisted oak featured image

The Twisted Oak

A rural West Country village has a hill that nobody walks on. Old Mal tells us tales of the twisted old tree that once stood there.

Devlin Parade

When a corrupt official puts the kibosh on attempts to save their neighbourhood from demolition, the members of a Community Land Trust cut through the red tape and make their…
don’t hook now featured image

Don’t Hook Now

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? An app for this and an app for that. Imagine, however, the app that grants the wildest dreams – dreams that may…
herne the hunter

The Night of Herne the Hunter

Folk horror and political satire combine when a populist prime minister inveigles a royal invitation to boost his flagging poll ratings, only to invoke a revenge from history...

In The City In The Smog

In a city choked with poisonous smog, a young boy flees his murderous father. He finds another, nightmarish city whose inhabitants might save him – but at what price?
finding shadows in the fire

Finding Shadows in the Fire

John watches with increasing horror as the ordeal of Emma Dryden, a woman accused of blasphemy and slander, spirals disturbingly out of control. Historical horror by R.P. Serin...

Out With the Tide

Beginning a new life by the ocean to escape from his debauched LA existence, Bartholomew finds something even more nightmarish brought in by the tide...
the onion man

The Onion Man

A man recalls a peculiar incident while staying in a small village, leading to the demise of his relationship... A man recalls a small village and the strange experience he…
The Priest Hole

The Priest Hole

Home Bulletin magazine features all kinds of house renovations – but Millstone Cottage is one that really should have been left to rot...
a kind of darkness

A Kind of Darkness

In Mexico, a man notices a woman staring at him in a cafe. After visiting a brothel, the man is kidnapped by thugs and soon finds himself trapped in a…

The Forest in the Forest

A winter walk in a landscape shaped by the hand of humankind reveals ancient secrets hidden in plain sight...
The Periphery featured image

The Periphery

Just what is it that Robert can see, elusive, in the corner of his eye? Who is the mysterious woman, captivating his thoughts and dreams? Who, or what, waits on…
ida’s harp ft

Ida’s Harp​

Strange are the things you sometimes find washed up by the side of the river. Stranger still are the people who might collect them...​

Oh, Come Ye to the Skimmity

The story takes the pre-industrial perspective of a beaten wife, who prepares for the impending, communal punishment of her husband, and his ritual murder...
the embankment

The Embankment

Children go where they shouldn’t. On a railway embankment in winter, no birds sing. One boy takes up a dare. The other children know there are ghosts. Perhaps they will…
Boys of the Old Brigade

Boys of the Old Brigade

Boys of the Old Brigade follows a veteran of the Irish war of independence, returning to 'Blighty' to open a butcher shop in Camden town; but will the ghosts of…
dust and shadows card

Dust and Shadow

Dominic Thresher, Consultant in Obstetrics and purveyor of humiliation to the unfortunate, finds a different audience in this story by Paul Radcliffe...
the reunion

The Reunion

The protagonist of Max’s story receives an unexpected Christmas invitation from his ex-wife, after ten years of separation, which he tentatively accepts. The resulting reunion is a bittersweet affair, and…

Jennifer’s Dream

When you enter the gallery, turn right, and you will reach Jennifer's dream...
distress and calling

Distress and Calling

Every night, when her dad is asleep, Bretta creeps downstairs and listens to the voice in the boiler room...
Daughters of the Doctor

Daughters of the Doctor

Daughters of the Doctor is a voyeuristic narrative that leads the reader into a strange, abandoned building, where we are witness to uncanny bodies and the unusual horrors left behind…
you reap what you sow

You Reap What You Sow

Negotiating with demons is not a young woman's game, as our character knows all too well. But staying out of Hell means it's a necessary evil...
Call and Response rob-laughter

Call and Response

An aspiring singer begins to lose control as she inches ever closer to perfection…
halls of residents

Halls of Residents

With Christmas approaching and a brief respite in lockdown, one student chooses to remain alone in her halls of residence over the festive period. But has she made a terrible…
in service of the queen

In The Service Of The Queen

After the war, came the task of rebuilding. The rubble had to be cleared. The ruins had to be rebuilt. And the dead had to be laid to rest...
the english dark featured image

The English Dark

A pair of brothers execute a simple kidnapping for ransom, but neither quite trusts the other's intentions...
measure twice featured image

Measure Twice

The internet is full of solutions for all our life problems, for a small price. Imagine Penny’s joy when one ‘solution’ actually worked…
interview with a greek diva featured image

Interview with a Greek diva

In her interview with a mysterious and ageing diva, a young reporter is warned to leave by midnight. But will she outstay her welcome?
dissection of the cockroach

Dissection Of The Cockroach

In Steven Sheil’s disturbing dystopian tale, ‘Dissection Of The Cockroach’, the reader is taken on a disturbing and mesmeric journey, seen – literally – through the eyes of the main…