Poster reveal for Walking Against the Rain by Scott Lyus

Poster reveal for

Walking Against the Rain

by Scott Lyus

by Ellis Reed

The poster has been unveiled for Scott Lyus’s upcoming debut Walking Against the Rain, which was shot in the UK and partly funded through Kickstarter.

Here’s the plot summary from IMDb:

‘WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN tells the story of two strangers, Blair and Tommy, who are navigating their way across a barren landscape in a desperate attempt to find each other. With their only form of communication being two soon-to-die battery operated radio mics and with a new evil in the shape of “The Forsaken” tracking them down, they must learn to confront loss and rediscover a trust in humanity.’

…and here’s the poster:

The movie features a strong cast of familiar faces: Sophia Eleni (Black Mass, Call the Midwife), Reece Douglas (Cruel Summer, Waterloo Road), James Swanton (Host, Dashcam), Johnny Vivash (Charismata, Book of Monsters), Francesca Louise White (Jekyll and Hyde) and Diane Spencer. According to the press release, a highlight of the film will be ‘the creatures created by BIFA award-winning SFX artist Dan Martin and 13 Finger FX (Colour Out of Space, Possessor, Dashcam) using full body practical effects and puppetry.’ The fact that James Swanton will be the man inside the prosthetics is a very good sign indeed; he seems to gravitate towards high quality indie fare, and you can see his other creature performances in films like Double Date (UK, Benjamin Barfoot, 2017) and Jack in the Box: Awakening (UK, Lawrence Fowler, 2022).

Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed is the News Editor for Horrified. He also wrote some ghost stories during lockdown, which you can read for free on his blog.

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