Dominic Brunt’s werewolf movie, Wolf Manor, is now in post-production

Dominic Brunt’s werewolf movie

Wolf Manor

is now in post-production

by Ellis Reed

Upcoming werewolf movie Wolf Manor has entered post-production, with some ‘first look’ stills surfacing online.

The synopsis from the press release is as follows:

‘Shooting a vampire flick in an old, abandoned manor house should have worked like a dream, but the film crew are out of their depth, over schedule and desperate to get the shoot finished and go home. However, as the moon turns full, the nightmare begins. Blood flows and the body count rises as cast & crew meet the manor’s resident werewolf…’

Wolf Manor is directed by Dominic Brunt and produced by Joanne Mitchell, through their shared company Mitchell-Brunt Films. The script was written by Pete Wild and Joel Ferrari, with the former also exec-producing. According to Brunt: ‘Wolf Manor does exactly what it says on the tin. A werewolf film with a rocket up its behind. Buckets of blood, beautiful countryside, a stellar cast and world class prosthetics make Wolf Manor a wild ride and, (we humbly feel), it’s a worthy addition to the werewolf movie cannon.’

It sounds very different to his 2021 horror film Evie (UK, Dominic Brunt, 2021), which we described as ‘a melancholy tale of buried trauma and supernatural dread, set around a house on the English coast.’ It also sounds like a lot of fun, so add it to your watchlist and enjoy the publicity stills.

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