Hammer’s next release: Doctor Jekyll starring Eddie Izzard

Hammer’s next release:

Doctor Jekyll

starring Eddie Izzard

by Ellis Reed

Hammer Studios – a new partnership between Hammer Films and Network Distributing – have acquired the UK rights for an upcoming version of Jekyll and Hyde.

Doctor Jekyll is being produced by the B Good Picture Company, with Joe Stephenson directing a script by first-time writer Dan Kelly-Mulhern. Eddie Izzard will appear as Dr Nina Jekyll, supported by Scott Chambers as assistant Rob.

Doctor Jekyll is the first project for the newly-formed Hammer Studios, and it sounds like a great fit for them. I’ve enjoyed many films by the revived Hammer, but it’s great to see them getting to grips with a gothic classic. Back in the day, they brought us The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll (UK, Terence Fisher, 1960) and Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (UK, Roy Ward Baker, 1971), so this should slide right in.

More generally, they plan to restore their old catalogue – something Network Distributing excels at – and develop new features from their old and new intellectual property.

You can read more about Doctor Jekyll here.

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