Kickstarter for London Gothic, an exciting new series of graphic novels

Kickstarter for

London Gothic,

an exciting new series of graphic novels

by Ellis Reed

Nick Henry and Mike Burton are raising funds on Kickstarter for the first of four graphic novels, set in ‘a fictional London era of depravation and impoverished humanity, where evil hides in the darkness of London’s backstreets and below the cobbled streets of slums.’

The story follows the mysterious Duke, who is the last known member of the Tuttori: a secret order of heroes who guard powerful relics from the crucifixion of Christ. Helped by an Irish boxer called Jellico, he has to contend with the Brotherhood of Sinistre, led by Lord Finnius Cromwell, who wants to use the relics to raise hell on earth.

The Kickstarter campaign page is covered with concept art and sample pages, and it looks like London Gothic: Chapter One will be a really first-rate piece of work, filled with demons, intrigue, and buckets of period charm. They’re only asking for £1,500 and have already raised nearly a grand with forty-three days to go. However, it’s an all-or-nothing campaign – so, if you want to explore this devilish version of London, make sure you pledge some money.

Interested? You can also visit their website, find them on Twitter, and watch the trailer below.

Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed is the News Editor for Horrified. He also wrote some ghost stories during lockdown, which you can read for free on his blog.

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