Photoghasts: A Haunted Photo Card Game


A Haunted Photo Card Game

by Ellis Reed

Every now and then, an Indiegogo campaign catches our eye. The latest is Photoghasts: A Haunted Photo Card Game. The campaign was a success and the game is now shipping, but it looks like you can still claim some perks including a copy of your own.

The game is the latest incarnation of the Photoghasts concept, described by creator T.W Burgess (aka @manoghosts) as follows:

‘The original intention of creating Photoghasts was being able to tell a short-form supernatural story that was short enough to fit comfortably on social media. Accompanied with an animated image to give the impression of a ‘haunted photo’. Mixing two of my passions, found footage and ghost stories.

Since their launch, Photoghasts have raised well over a million views on Twitter and TikTok.

In 2019 I compiled my favourite Photoghasts into a haunted book. With found footage imagery which would ‘come to life’ when scanned with an additional app. As much as I enjoyed working on the book, after finishing it an idea had arisen and it wouldn’t go away.

What if these haunted images could be compiled together into a card game? But, not just any old card game. A game that would allow players a truly unique ‘horror’ gaming experience from scanning each card…’

The result is ‘a truly haunted photo game’ using forty-two cards, with thirty being the Augmented Reality Photoghast character cards. The app is free to download and can be found using a QR code on the box. For technophobes, there’s also an ‘offline mode’ where only the cards are required to play. Excitingly, if you play the game after nine p.m., there’s a risk of encountering a sinister being known only as ‘the Photographer’…

If this sounds like your idea of fun – and I’m very surprised if it doesn’t! – then hurry over to Indiegogo to read all about it.

Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed is the News Editor for Horrified. He also wrote some ghost stories during lockdown, which you can read for free on his blog.

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