Alexander J. Zawacki explores the hauntological majesty of Ghost Box Recordings, and becomes immersed in music both familiar and strange…​

amicus productions

Amicus Productions rises from the grave

After decades in the shadows, the legendary Amicus Productions is set for a grand revival thanks to the team at Hex Studios. Their upcoming film, 'In the Grip of Terror',…
highgate cemetery

Hell Comes to Fog Town: North London and the horror film

Lauren Jane Barnett explores the filmic horrors of North London and Highgate Cemetery...
Lawrie Brewster

A new British horror studio? An interview with Lawrie Brewster

Lawrie Brewster has huge plans for the British horror film industry. But can the UK return to the halcyon days of Hammer and Amicus? Horrified's editor, Jae Prowse spoke with…
highways to hell

Highways to Hell

Matt Rogerson journeys along some of Britain's most haunted roads...
rewilding film 2023

Inspiring Rewilding (2023)

As the folk horror anthology Rewilding lands on Prime Video, its director Ric Rawlins discusses ten of its key inspirations – from Moomins to M.R James…
Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Children’s Horror

An exploration of Roald Dahl's children's fiction from Graham Williamson, discussing the (sometimes unintentionally, though often deliberately) nasty tint found within the pages...
Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins: The Lost Interview

A never before published interview with the late Bernard Cribbins, originally conducted almost 30 years ago by Adam Jezard, in which the actor discusses his work in the genres of…
The Enfield Poltergeist screaming girl

The Enfield Poltergeist

K B Morris revisits the events of The Enfield Poltergeist, a notorious supposed late-70s haunting that continues to spark debate over its authenticity... ​
BBC Hammer

How The BBC Created Hammer

Far from Hammer being the populariser of material from the stolid BBC, it was the adaptation of existing popular BBC shows that allowed Hammer to succeed, as Derek Johnston explains....​

From a Dead Dog’s Eye: The Horror of The Beatles

The Beatles, four clean-cut chaps from Liverpool, are not an obvious fit for the genre of nightmares. So, R.P. Serin takes us on a journey through the horror within the…
Usborne guide to the supernatural

A Trilogy Of Terrors: How The Usborne Supernatural Guides Enriched My Childhood

Johnny Restall recalls the terrors of his childhood with the Usborne Supernatural Guides...

Fast! Fierce! Fantastic! A History of Action Comic

Andrew Screen digs into Action, one of the most controversial British comic series of all time...
The Female Experience of Fear

The Female Experience of Fear, and an Un-quiet Revolution in Horror

The female experience of fear is a unique and insidious one, founded on the experiences, encounters and realities many women face on a day to day basis. Bram Stoker Award-nominated…
purrington ft

“The Darkness Doesn’t Go Away if You Hide in the Light”: An Interview with Artist Lucy Purrington

Rich Phillips interviews Lucy Purrington, the South Wales-based art photographer, for Horrified...

Horror Top Trumps and Their Evil Progeny

Award-winning writer, Rik Hoskin, delves into the twin threats of the Horror Trumps, and how they inspired him to create his own cards...​
zx spectrum

Black Rainbow: Horror Theory, ZX Spectrums and Me

Dan Pietersen recalls the oft-forgotten majesty of the late Clive Sinclair's ZX Spectrum and its myriad games, both horror and weird...​
the uninvited feat

The Unread: Why The Uninvited is the most terrifying book I will never read​

Tom Graham reflects on a book – or rather, a book cover – that traumatised him as a child. Clive Harold's The Uninvited...​
2:22 feat

2:22 – A Ghost Story: An Interview With the Playwright, Danny Robins

Ellis Reed catches up with Danny Robins about his West End play, 2:22 - A Ghost Story, which premieres at the Noël Coward Theatre on the 3rd of August...
weird90s featured

Weird ’90s – The Auteurs: After Murder Park

Graham Williamson returns with another helping of '90s outré via the ostensibly anti-commercial third album from The Auteurs, After Murder Park. Welcome to Weird '90s...​
Haunted objects in women’s weird fiction

Haunted objects in women’s weird fiction

From gloves to saucepans to scissors, supernatural stories from the 1920s to the 1950s use haunted household items to explore women’s changing social roles. Sarah Jackson explores these trinkets of…
study in emerald feat

Cruel Bravery in the Context of Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald

Keith Fallows writes about courage and cruelty in the award-winning genre mashup by Neil Gaiman...
horror pandemic

Horror: Helping to make sense of a senseless world

Alex Kronenburg looks at how horror, far from being a source of fear, helps us better understand the world around us (particularly in testing times)...​
weird 90s – cigarette advertising

Weird ’90s – Cigarette Advertising

Graham Williamson ponders the curiously disruptive and surrealist cigarette advertising from the final decade of the twentieth century. Welcome to Weird '90s...​
weird90s featured

Weird ’90s – Blue Jam (1997-99)

Graham Williamson is back with his latest column entry. This time he dips his hand into a jar of Chris Morris's Blue Jam, 'a unique, intoxicating dissection of pre-millennial mores'.…
the owl service

Flowers, Feathers & Fate – Alan Garner’s The Owl Service

A tormented tangle of feathers, flowers and fate: Johnny Restall investigates the possessing patterns of Alan Garner's The Owl Service...
The Encyclopedia of Horror

Horrified…and loving it! – The Encyclopedia of Horror

Welcome to the latest Horrified...and loving it! column in which people share the British horror moments that terrify and thrill them the most. This time, TC explores the rite of…
weird90s featured

Weird ’90s – David Bowie’s 1. Outside (1995)

In his latest column, Graham Williamson investigates David Bowie's 'quite astonishingly dark' 1995 opus, 1.Outside. Welcome to Weird '90s...​
suffolk 2.10

More Unease in a Suffolk Church​: Did We Disturb the Dead?​

Lori Graham discusses more strange and disquieting experiences while visiting churches in Suffolk in her latest article for Horrified...
WycBella In the Wych Elmh-Elm

Horrified…and loving it! – Bella In The Wych Elm

Welcome to the latest Horrified...and loving it! column in which people share the British horror moments that terrify and thrill them the most. This time, Anna Orridge explores the strange,…
weird90s featured

Weird ’90s – Roswell Alien Autopsy Film (1995)

In his latest Weird '90s column, Graham Williamson dissects the infamous 1995 Roswell alien autopsy film. Fake or fact? Welcome to Weird '90s...
mark gatiss

The Horror Documentaries of Mark Gatiss

J.D. Collins dissects what makes Mark Gatiss's BBC Horror documentaries so entertaining, and also how elements can be seen in his work...​
The Photo of Ellen Hammell

The Photo of Ellen Hammell

Jamie Evans shares one of the British horror moments that terrifies and thrills him the most - the infamous ghostly photo of Ellen Hammell...​
weird90s featured

Weird ’90s – Weird Night (BBC Two, 1994)

In the first of a new regular column looking back at the singular weirdness of the 1990s, Graham Williamson explores Roger Corman's takeover of BBC Two from December 1994 to…
To the Devil a Daughter (1976)(1976)

The Making of To the Devil…a Daughter (1979)

The final of three essays by K B Morris on occult writer Dennis Wheatley explores Hammer Productions’ final '70s horror film, To the Devil... a Daughter, loosely adapted from Wheatley's…
ghosts featured

GHOSTS of Genres Past with your HOST, Jed Shepherd

Andy Roberts explores the hotly-anticipated full-motion video game, Ghosts - the latest project from HOST co-creator, Jed Shepherd...​
Ghostland by Edward Parnell

Celebrating Edward Parnell’s Ghostland

Joe Howsin interviews the author Edward Parnell about his 2019 book, Ghostland, a haunting meditation on the ghost story, weird fiction in British film, television and literature, and a personal…
Ghost Box Records

Yesterday’s Entertainment: The Hauntological Sounds of Ghost Box Records

Alexander J. Zawacki explores the hauntological majesty of Ghost Box Recordings, and becomes immersed in music both familiar and strange...​
The Maypole Cycle: Folk Horror Afterlife

The Maypole Cycle: Folk Horror Afterlife

Chris Andrews discusses the resurgence of folk horror, its origins, and the notion of a 'yearning for the past' in a modern context...​
The Devil Rides Out (1968)

Occult Uncle: Dennis Wheatley (Part two) – The Making of The Devil Rides Out (1968)

The second in a series of essays by K B Morris on the occult writer Dennis Wheatley explores his novel, The Devil Rides Out, and the making of one of…
Ash Pryce – by Theresa Dewa

‘Remember it’s a performance’: An interview with Ash Pryce, co-founder of the Edinburgh Horror Fest

Ellis Reed interviews Ash Pryce, the Edinburgh-based mentalist and spooky magician, about horror, the festival, and his own work on stage...
Alien Trilogy Screenshot3

In Space, No One Can Deny The Nostalgia: Revisiting Alien Trilogy

Andrew Roberts revisits an old PlayStation classic from a British developer and wonders whether the dated FPS format and low poly graphics of Alien Trilogy still have the charm...
Children of the Stones 1977

Examining the Tension Between Modernity and Folk Horror in Children of the Stones

Focusing on the interaction between the community and modern outsiders, the isolated nature of Milbury and its rejection of modern society and technology, Sam Pheby-McGarvey explores Children of the Stones...

Horror Stalking Our Streets

When we migrated to the cities, the isolation and terrors of an uncaring rural nature should have been left behind. Instead, as Melissa Elborn discovers, terror has followed us into…
haunted holidays

Holidays in a Haunted Country

When you love escaping from reality into horror, it is somewhat irritating when the tables are turned. You’re trapped and scared, it is time to plan a dark holiday. Tamar…
dennis wheatley

Occult Uncle: Dennis Wheatley (Part one)

Dennis Wheatley's work is defined by his occult writing, but his books and stories often incorporated the work of the devil alongside Wheatley's staunch political beliefs. KB Morris explores the…

Fairy Lore and its Influence on Arthur Machen and Some Other Contemporaneous Gentlemen

Thomas Kent Millar's extensive 'fairy history or chronology' explores in detail how fairy lore influenced Arthur Machin and his contemporaries...
robert aickman1

Drabness and Dread: On Robert Aickman

Alexander J. Zawacki discusses the life and work of author Robert Aickman, whose strange tales of dread and unease defy easy categorisation...
thriller tv series

An interview with Thriller anthology book author, Martin Marshall

An interview with Martin Marshall, the writer of a new, in-depth guide to the 1970s anthology series, Thriller...
M.R. James

Runecaster – an interview with Jane Mainley-Piddock

Horrified's Andrew Screen interviews Jane Mainley-Piddock about her forthcoming book, Casting the Runes: The Letters of M. R. James.​..

Unexplained and Strange Experiences in Suffolk Churches

Lori Graham discusses a number of strange and disquieting experiences while visiting churches in Suffolk in her first article for Horrified...​

Voices Under the Hills: Faeries in Machen and Lovecraft

Alexander J. Zawacki explores British author Arthur Machen's stories of folklore and the fae and their influence on the work of H.P. Lovecraft...​
hauntology – ghosts of futures past

Hauntology: Ghosts of Futures Past

Read the introduction to Merlin Coverley's new book, Hauntology: Ghosts of Futures Past on Horrified...
sarah coomer featured image

Ghosts of 100 Days: An Interview with Artist Sarah Coomer

Horrified interviews one of our favourite artists, Sarah Coomer, about her work, inspirations and -of course - British horror films.
The Occultaria of Albion featured image

Between Imagination & Reality: The Occultaria of Albion

The Occultaria of Albion explores the weird and unusual of this land. Join us as Horrified explores some of its strange and disquieting tales and discusses the OA's work with…
william blake featured image

Lo, a shadow of horror is risen: William Blake and the Horror Tradition

Making the case that English poet, artist, visionary and radical, William Blake (1757-1827), has one foot planted firmly in the horror tradition.