And Now The Screaming Starts!


A Retrospective

In this Amicus Productions retrospective, we cover all 24 films from 1965’s Dr Terror’s House of Horrors to the company’s swansong, 1977’s The People That Time Forgot… 

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amicus productions

Amicus Productions rises from the grave

After decades in the shadows, the legendary Amicus Productions is set for a grand revival thanks to the team at Hex Studios. Their upcoming film, 'In the Grip of Terror', seeks to honour the classic studio's legacy while forging a…
James Whale

James Whale: God of Monsters

James Whale is a megalith of early horror cinema. An out gay man, he direct some of the greatest gothic horror films Universal Pictures would ever produce. Retrospectively seen to be saturated with queer subtext Whale's films celebrate 'the outsider'…


The unremitting terror of


Graham Williamson heads back to Halloween 1992 for the BBC’s broadcast of Ghostwatch and examines how Stephen Volk’s ghost story still endures despite only a single airing in over 30 years…

the frighteners tv series

The Forgotten Terrors of The Frighteners (1972)

Long-neglected anthology series, The Frighteners (1972), utilised cultural concerns of the period in telling its pitch-black horror tales. Andrew Screen takes a closer look at the series' 13 episode run...​
Beast Nigel Kneale

Nigel Kneale’s Beasts (1976)

Andrew Screen, author of the forthcoming The Book of Beasts, explores a 'touchstone of folk horror and hauntology', the seminal 1976 series Beasts by Nigel Kneale…​

Alexander J. Zawacki explores the hauntological majesty of Ghost Box Recordings, and becomes immersed in music both familiar and strange…​


Warnings to the Curious:

A Ghost Story for Christmas

A retrospective on the long-running BBC series, essaying every episode from Whistle and I’ll Come to You to Martin’s Close…

A Warning to the Curious

A Warning to the Curious (1972)

Perhaps the best remembered of the BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas series, Daniel McGachey​ explains why A Warning to the Curious still retains its ability to unsettle...
The Stalls of Barchester

The Stalls of Barchester (1971)

Richard Higson discusses why, of all the films in the BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas series, The Stalls of Barchester is the episode he keeps returning to...​
the stalls of barchester

The Stalls of Barchester (1971)

The first official episode of the BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas series was an adaptation of the M.R. James' story, The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral. Lee Broughton explores the film in detail...​


Tea with Mrs. Hindley

by Jez Conolly

Pages from the private journal of Derek, a fiftysomething loner who chronicles his afternoons spent in the company of Mrs. Hindley, a woman whose dark past Derek helps to keep hidden…

Camera Anima Mea

Camera Anima Mea

Sully buys a camera which takes pictures of people’s souls. The insight it gives him into his friends is disturbing. Then he takes a selfie.

The Reeds

Paul’s M.R. James-esque story, The Reeds, is set around the town where he grew up. In it, a grieving widower seeks solitude in a small village, where the ancient past is never far from the surface. And at every turn,…


As a coal-fired power station nears the end of its life, an elderly engineer finds it hard to let go...​