And Now The Screaming Starts!


A Retrospective

In this Amicus Productions retrospective, we cover all 24 films from 1965’s Dr Terror’s House of Horrors to the company’s swansong, 1977’s The People That Time Forgot… 

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baby on board

Baby On Board: A Production Diary

Andrew David Barker shares this ongoing production diary charting the making of the short film Baby On Board, written by Stephen Volk and directed by Andrew...


The unremitting terror of


Graham Williamson heads back to Halloween 1992 for the BBC’s broadcast of Ghostwatch and examines how Stephen Volk’s ghost story still endures despite only a single airing in over 30 years…

ghosts 1995

Ghosts (1995)

Jon Dear revisits 1995's Ghosts, the short-lived BBC anthology show set in modern Britain...

Alexander J. Zawacki explores the hauntological majesty of Ghost Box Recordings, and becomes immersed in music both familiar and strange…​

The Photo of Ellen Hammell

The Photo of Ellen Hammell

Jamie Evans shares one of the British horror moments that terrifies and thrills him the most - the infamous ghostly photo of Ellen Hammell...​
Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins: The Lost Interview

A never before published interview with the late Bernard Cribbins, originally conducted almost 30 years ago by Adam Jezard, in which the actor discusses his work in the genres of horror, fantasy, and science fiction...


Warnings to the Curious:

A Ghost Story for Christmas

A retrospective on the long-running BBC series, essaying every episode from Whistle and I’ll Come to You to Martin’s Close…

whistle and i’ll come to you (2010)

Whistle and I’ll Come To You (2010)

The decision to re-adapt Whistle and I'll Come to You for 2010's A Ghost Story for Christmas divided fans of the series and M.R. James' original story. Jon Dear explores Andy de Emmony's effort...​
A Warning to the Curious

A Warning to the Curious (1972)

Perhaps the best remembered of the BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas series, Daniel McGachey​ explains why A Warning to the Curious still retains its ability to unsettle...
Martin’s Close

Martin’s Close (2019)

Peta Stamper's companion piece to Graham Williamson's essay on the BBC's A Ghost Stories for Christmas episode explores M.R. James' as a story and place of visitations, retribution and doubt...


Tea with Mrs. Hindley

by Jez Conolly

Pages from the private journal of Derek, a fiftysomething loner who chronicles his afternoons spent in the company of Mrs. Hindley, a woman whose dark past Derek helps to keep hidden…



'Marius' appears to a bullied schoolboy in his dreams. When the bullying becomes rather extreme, Marius appears to the schoolboy and takes him to claim his revenge. However, it soon becomes clear that this imaginary revenge is all too real.
measure twice featured image

Measure Twice

The internet is full of solutions for all our life problems, for a small price. Imagine Penny’s joy when one ‘solution’ actually worked…
A Morning on Crow Hill

A Morning on Crow Hill

Nora Watkins is the wife of a 17th Century village gravedigger. When the night-watchman kills a mysterious figure it falls on Nora to retrieve the body – but on Crow Hill, things are never what they seem.