Out now in the UK, Charlie Steeds’ Winterskin

Out now in the UK:

Charlie Steeds’ Winterskin

Dark Temple’s 2018 film finally gets a UK release on DVD and streaming...

For British fans of indie horror, the year is already off to a good start. Charlie Steeds’ Winterskin – first released in 2018 – has finally seen the light of day in the UK. It was released here on DVD, streaming, and even the shelves of HMV on 3 January 2022.

Steeds will be known the horror cognoscenti as a rising talent. He’s established himself in recent years with a healthy number of entertaining, slickly-produced features, distinguished by their retro aesthetic and glorious practical effects. Some are set in the UK – Barge People, An English Ghost Story, A Werewolf in England – while others, like Death Ranch, are set across the pond. He also founded the Soho Horror Film Fest, which styles itself as ‘one of the UK’s newest and most punk rock genre film festivals’.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of his work, you can read more about him here. The IMDb plot summary for Winterskin is as follows:

‘Gunned down in the snowy wilderness and desperate for shelter, Billy Cavanagh is taken in by kooky old lady Agnes, unaware that her isolated log cabin is being stalked by a bloodthirsty skinless creature hellbent on getting inside.’

Our copy is already in the post. If you want to buy it yourself, you can click the image below to do so.

Picture of Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed

To pass the time during lockdown, I decided to write some English ghost stories, which you can read for free on my blog.

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