Bafflegab are auctioning horror memorabilia to raise funds for DEC’s Ukraine appeal


are auctioning horror memorabilia to raise funds for DEC’s Ukraine appeal

by Ellis Reed

Bafflegab Productions – the audio dramatists with several horror and horror-adjacent productions – are auctioning a number of signed items for DEC’s Ukraine appeal.

You can go to eBay right now and bid for:

• A poster for their 2018 audio adaptation of The Blood on Satan’s Claw, signed by the cast and writer: Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith, Linda Hayden, Alice Lowe, John Heffernan, Rebecca Ryan, Philip Hill Pearson, Kelly Wenham, Jo Woodcock, Thomas Turgoose, Laura Riseborough and Mark Morris. Also includes a CD of the production.

• A CD of their 2016 production Baker’s End: The King of Cats, again signed by the cast and writer: Tom Baker, Katy Manning, Sue Jameson, David Benson and Paul Magrs.

• A studio script for their audio adaptation of ‘The Hellbound Heart’ by Clive Barker, which was also adapted as the film Hellraiser. The script is signed by Alice Lowe, Tom Meeten, Neve McIntosh, Nicholas Vince (one of the original movie cenobites!), the rest of the cast, and author Paul Kane.

• A rare CD copy of the very first (now out-of-print) Scarifyers adventure, The Nazad Conspiracy. The CD is signed by series stars Terry Molloy (Professor Dunning) and the late great Nicholas Courtney (Lionheart).

If you fancy any of these spooky delights, or just want to do a good turn, get down to eBay and start bidding!

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Ellis Reed

Ellis Reed is the News Editor for Horrified. He also wrote some ghost stories during lockdown, which you can read for free on his blog.

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