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Top 50 British horror films

Readers of Horrified, both casual and consistent, take part in our search for the greatest British horror films and choose your top 10 here! 

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The Invisible Man 1933

Celebrating The Invisible Man (1933)

Celebrating the British influence in Universal's Classic Monster stable, Johnny Restall explores James Whale's 1933 adaptation of H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man...
Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins: The Lost Interview

A never before published interview with the late Bernard Cribbins, originally conducted almost 30 years ago by Adam Jezard, in which the actor discusses his work in the genres of horror, fantasy, and science fiction...

Psychomania (1973)

Emily McQuade celebrates the absurd delights of the cultish, kitsch and unique Psychomania (1973)...
top 50 british horror films

Top 50 British horror films

Readers of Horrified have come together to choose their favourite British horror films, so here is the ultimate top 50 list of British horror films, as chosen by you.... 
ghost story featured image

Stephen Weeks’ Ghost Story (1974)

Paul Lewis' absorbing essay on Ghost Story (1974), takes an in-depth look at Stephen Weeks' independent haunted house film and its profound sense of Englishness...
baby on board

Baby On Board: A Production Diary

Andrew David Barker shares this ongoing production diary charting the making of the short film Baby On Board, written by Stephen Volk and directed by Andrew...
XTRO (1982)

Xtro (1982): An exercise in sadness

Often, somewhat justifiably, derided as a low-rent video nasty, Xtro is a piece of British horror that looks unflinchingly at grief and trauma...

The Inspirational Dr Phibes

Filmmaker Alex Secker discusses how Vincent Price and Robert Fuest’s early 70s cult classics continue to influence the horror genre...

Creeping through the countryside

At once sublime and horrifying, the English countryside is increasingly the backdrop in horror that explores a growing unease about our place in the world. Melissa Elborn digs deeper into why the ground beneath our feet is revealing our darkest…
charlie steeds

The Horror Films of Charlie Steeds

Horrified catches up with Charlie Steeds, the man behind Dark Temple Productions, for an exclusive interview with the wunderkind of neo-retro British horror...
Night of the eagle 1962

Night of the Eagle (1962)

K B Morris explores Night of the Eagle where a college professor vies with his wife who has turned to witchcraft to further his career. The article examines rationality versus the irrationality of superstition and the supernatural in a battle…
The Vampire Lovers 1970

The Vampire Lovers: A Fiftieth Anniversary Retrospective

In an in-depth feature, cultural historian John J Johnston looks back at the inception of Hammer’s most important productions of the 1970s, and endeavours to reassesses the film’s reputation, fifty years after its release...

An interview with filmmaker Lucy Rose

Ellis Reed reviews She Lives Alone, a rural gothic short from emerging filmmaker, Lucy Rose. He also discusses the film with Lucy for Horrified...
amicus productions

Amicus Productions rises from the grave

After decades in the shadows, the legendary Amicus Productions is set for a grand revival thanks to the team at Hex Studios. Their upcoming film, 'In the Grip of Terror', seeks to honour the classic studio's legacy while forging a…
Theatre of Blood (1973)

Theatre of Blood (1973)

Paul Lewis revisits Vincent Price's vengeful thespian in Douglas Hickox's blackly comic 1973 horror, Theatre of Blood...
The Last Horror Movie 2003

The Last Horror Movie (2003)

Rebecca McCallum tackles the controversy of violence and audience complicity through an exploration of the bold and brutal The Last Horror Movie... ​

A Demon Writes: James Swanton on the Making of Host

Created during a nationwide lockdown in 2020, Host captured the zeitgeist to become one of the most popular and discussed horror films of the year. With its impending release on Blu-ray and DVD (amid another lockdown), James Swanton writes exclusively…
bloody gentlemen

God Rest Ye, Bloody Gentlemen

With the festive season upon us, what better way to celebrate than with MJ Simpson's curated selection of British Christmas horror? There's one each for the 12 days of Christmas, so plenty to add to your yuletide watchlist...
freddie francis

Freddie Francis: There and Back Again

Freddie Francis' cinematographic brilliance is undisputed but his sojourns into directing produced some British horror favourites among fans. Jane Nightshade selects 10 of his best...
seance on a wet afternoon 1964

Séance On A Wet Afternoon (1964)

Johnny Restall revisits drab, wet London for Séance On A Wet Afternoon, a 1964 psychological thriller with supernatural undertones...
The Borderlands revisited

The Borderlands (2013) Revisited

Ellis Reed returns to the 2013 British horror classic The Borderlands, a found footage film bringing fresh ideas (and scares) to the sub-genre...
the little stranger 11

Revisiting The Little Stranger (2018)

Nick Bartlett looks back at the 2018 adaptation of Sarah Waters’ gothic novel, The Little Stranger, and posits a theory of who (or what) is haunting Hundreds Hall...
Dead of Night (1945)

Dead of Night (1945)

Nick Bartlett returns to one of the great British horror anthologies, 1945's Dead Of Night, in this article for Horrified...​
rewilding film 2023

Inspiring Rewilding (2023)

As the folk horror anthology Rewilding lands on Prime Video, its director Ric Rawlins discusses ten of its key inspirations – from Moomins to M.R James…
ugs card

Urban Ghost Story (1998)

Paul Lewis dives deeply into Urban Ghost Story, an undeservedly obscure film set in Glasgow...
Peter Strickland

Subverting Genre: Peter Strickland In Film

Peter Strickland has forged a career from a desire to reconfigure whichever genre he works in. In this essay, Graham Williamson discusses the British director's work...​
Digging Through Horror on the London Underground

Digging Through Horror on the London Underground

In a companion piece to her absorbing exploration of The Thames and the horror film, Lauren Jane Barnett essays how London and its underground system are deeply intertwined, in life and cinema, from Quatermass and the Pit to Death Line…
Night of the Demon (1957)

Night of the Demon (1957)

Jenny Davies recalls fond memories of 1957 classic Night of the Demon and how trouble behind the scenes have not detracted from a piece of perfectly crafted storytelling...​
Host 2020

The online horror of Host (2020)

HOST was the horror phenomenon of 2020, not least because it reflected our own status quo. Here are Andy Roberts' thoughts on the brilliant British horror...
The Thames- Uncertain Depths in Horror Cinema

The Thames: Uncertain Depths in Horror Cinema

Lauren Jane Barnett explores how the Thames of horror films is given agency, acting on the narrative aiding both good and evil in films from Hitchcock’s 1927 silent, The Lodger, onwards...
To the Devil a Daughter (1976)(1976)

The Making of To the Devil…a Daughter (1979)

The final of three essays by K B Morris on occult writer Dennis Wheatley explores Hammer Productions’ final '70s horror film, To the Devil... a Daughter, loosely adapted from Wheatley's novel...​
neither the sea nor the sand

Neither the Sea Nor the Sand (1972)

In this in-depth essay, Paul Lewis examines Tigon Productions' penultimate film, Fred Burnley's 1972 'coastal gothic', Neither the Sea Nor the Sand...
hot fuzz 2007

Folk Horror Foundations in Hot Fuzz

Devin McGrath-Conwell explores the sophomore effort in Edgar Wright's 'Three Flavours Cornetto' trilogy with 2007's Hot Fuzz and finds the film nestling comfortably within the folk horror canon...
The Appointment (1982)

Of Dogs, Dreams and Doom: The Appointment (1981)

Ray Newman examines Lindsey C. Vickers' obscure 1981 British horror, The Appointment. With a recently announced BFI Blu-ray coming in 2022, the film is notable for being Vickers' one and only feature-length film...​

The Spectre of Freud in Peeping Tom (1960)

The mild-mannered serial killer who is obsessed with his parents is such a prevalent horror trope it's easy to overlook how it came into being. Here, Hollie Starling looks at the origin myth of Peeping Tom's gentle voyeur Mark Lewis…
The Innocents (1961)

The Innocents (1961)

Jane Nightshade looks back at possibly the best cinematic ghost story ever made, Jack Clayton's 1961 masterpiece, The Innocents...​

Top 50 British horror films (honourable mentions)

Top 50 British horror films Top 50 British horror films (honourable mentions) Here are the best of the rest – the films that received votes, but not quite enough to make the top 50.  Recall them, recoil at them, add…

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