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Horrified celebrates British horror. From the outset, our intention has been to become the home of British horror and champion all facets of genre output from the British Isles: micro-budget independent British horror films to the increasingly mainstream horror sending shockwaves around the globe; self-published author in search of an audience to the renowned British horror author discussing their latest publication. We cover both contemporary and classic British horror with equal verve, and aim to accentuate the positive in the genre we all so adore.

The term ‘British horror’ is a broad church. It can include, for example, British horror movies produced and funded abroad but made in the UK, or the career of, say, Boris Karloff (the British actor who found fame abroad). Some may not agree with this definition of British horror, but the hope is that this doesn’t spoil enjoyment of Horrified‘s content. It is, after all, a celebration.

To this end, we’re delighted to publish both new and established British horror writers with a passion for the subject – from the enthusiastic, well-informed fan to the academic keen to essay and analyse a particular facet of the genre – though you needn’t be British yourself, of course. We’re always open to pitches, including:

– Articles and essays (for example, a retrospective of best British horror movies of the 1970s or a deep dive into the work of Ben Wheatley or Tod Slaughter)

– Short fiction (horror short stories either set in the UK or by a UK-based writer)

– Interviews (we’re more than happy to receive interviews with anyone actively working – or having worked in – British horror: writers, filmmakers, actors, etc.).

If you’ve something you’d like to write about that you think would be a good fit for Horrified, please don’t be afraid to pitch your idea.

You can get in touch via our Contact page where you’ll also find a link to our submission and style guide.