by Jason D. Brawn

Katie could have sworn that she heard something move inside her beat-up 1985 Ford Orion.  She was fast asleep before hearing this intruding sound.  Every door was locked and there was no way anyone could have sneaked in.  Katie`s immediate response was checking around her, seeing virtually nothing.   

“Idiot,” she cursed to herself. 

Stranded in a deserted industrial estate, Katie was in the roughest part of Glasgow.  A ghettoised part of the capital, now destined for destruction, for luxury apartments.  

Staying in this car would guarantee the security she needed for the night.  

Now, Katie wasn`t in the mood for more sleep.  

With no street lamps illuminating this road, she was enveloped with darkness.  Warehouses and factories were now colossal and monstrous, and the naked trees shook violently by the impending wind.  

Resting the back of her head on a restraint, Katie listened to the cold air battering the leaves and debris in this filthy road while watching the graffiti-strewn buildings.   

Hours ago, Katie made the fundamental error of taking a short cut along this route, thinking she would know this place, but it turned out to be a maze, and soon running out of petrol was another fundamental error, when not bothering to load more unleaded petrol.  

Images of tonight`s housewarming party by her close friend Anne filled her mind.  

A beautiful house.  

Then, she started bitching about her own home, insisting that it was time she moved out and found somewhere better.  Anne was happily married to her husband, and they were already in their fifties.  In contrast to her own life, Katie was forty-seven and single.   

Always used to this cold weather, especially being a Northerner, Katie buttoned her parka up to her neck, as her radiator wasn`t working, and neither was her radio.  It seemed to be much colder in here than outside.  

With no telephone box in this vicinity and never having bothered to own a mobile phone, Katie was already thinking about her forthcoming New Year`s resolution for 1996 of purchasing a mobile in case of an emergency.

It didn`t take long before her eyelids kept blinking until they were closed.


Refusing to return to her sleep, Katie continued pondering about improving her life, until a faint sound of something moving about on the seat behind.  

Katie`s face was paralysed.  

Her lips quaking.

Hands shaking uncontrollably.  

Her heart making rapid beats. 

Katie could no longer smell the Feu orange air freshener, hanging from the rear-view mirror, but instead, a strong and unpleasant smell like it came from the wilderness.    

An animalistic yawn descended from behind.  

Katie`s hand groped for the handle.  

But it was locked.

She leaned over to the passenger side.  Locked too. 

But how did it get in?

And how did it manage to lock all the doors?

The biggest problem here was the car key, now gone from the ignition.  

Then she heard a loud and beastly snore, and later a heavy exhale tingling her left ear.

With no cars passing by, she was now imprisoned in her own car.

Now I must wake up from this nightmare?  

Picture of Jason D. Brawn

Jason D. Brawn

Horror Writer | Ardent Fanboy | BA in Film & Media | MA in Gothic | Strict Vegetarian | Thrice Marathon Finisher

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

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