On Famous Monsters: The Requel

On Famous Monsters:

The Requel

by Simon Widdop

Like the Black Lagoon needs a creature
Like midnights need a double feature
Like zombies need the living
Like Rocky Horror needs the singing
Like a knife glove needs Freddy
Like Jason needs a sharpened machete
Like Vincent needs camp
Like Elvira needs vamp
Like the 90’s needed Scream
Like Michael Myers needs Jamie Lee
Like Doctor Frankenstein needs a ‘normal’ brain
Like a Cenobite needs pain
Like Billy needs jigsaw
Like The Wolfman needs to give paw
Like Ed Wood needs a new plan
Like Norman Bates needs his Mam
Like Leatherface needs fresh skin
Like Satan needs your sin
Like Ash needs Deadites
Like the Elder Gods need acolytes
Like the Mindflayer needs Will
Like Krampus needs his list fulfilled
Like Final Destination needs a premonition
Like American Psycho needs a new adaptation
Like the Xenomorph needs Ripley
Like Annie Wilks needs a dirty birdy
Like The Thing needs to assimilate
Like The Terminator needs to terminate
Like Pennywise needs you to float
Like Jaws needs a bigger boat
Like the Sanderson Sisters need a virgin
Like The Purge needs purging
Like any good ending, this needs a bad cliché
I need Halloween for more than one day

Picture of Simon Widdop

Simon Widdop

From Plastic Brain Press:

Brought to you by the unstoppable Plastic Brain Press; a feature in paperback and ebook presentation, so terrifying it could only be released in 2020, it’s…

The Poet From The Black Lagoon by the satanic Simon Widdop!

From B-Movie ballads to howling haikus, Widdop’s nasty poetry is for all the spooky kids. It’s a poetic Ouija board conjuring the spirit of crackling VHS tapes, dodgy tracking and late-night double features.

Award-winning poet, Simon Widdop writes and performs poetry that blends a hectic mix of the macabre with a dash of dark humour and a warm sense of pride for his Northern roots.

His debut one-man show, Stained, won the Hive Award at Greater Manchester Fringe in 2019. Stained deals with the subjects of tattoo & body modification culture, mental health, abuse and consent.

​Simon's debut poetry collection Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober was released in April 2018 by Plastic Brain Press.In addition, he also has been published in print in the New River Press Yearbook 2017/18, Paper And Ink Zine, Glove Zine, Nymphs & Thugs Soapbox and We Shall Overcome: The Anthology. His work appeared online at Dryland LitPress and Wildsound Festival (USA).

The hour cometh! It is time to keep your appointment with The Poet From The Black Lagoon.

For a review copy please get in touch with us at plasticbrainpress@gmail.com

You can follow Simon on Twitter and Instagram

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