Welcome to the Horrified Fiction page. Here is where you’ll find an expanding collection of some of the best British horror fiction (and one or two from further afield). Have a story you’d like us to consider for publication? Head over to our submissions page for info on how to submit your work…


Oh, Come Ye to the Skimmity

The story takes the pre-industrial perspective of a beaten wife, who prepares for the impending, communal punishment of her husband, and his ritual murder…

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Out With the Tide

  • Fiction

Beginning a new life by the ocean to escape from his debauched LA existence, Bartholomew finds something even more nightmarish brought in by the tide…

foramen ft


  • Fiction

Down in the permanent blackness, an organism retains a memory of a food source untasted for many centuries…

the oracle of his ashes ft

The Oracle of His Ashes

In the dreaming spires of Oxford, a professor finds an ancient incantation, given by a witch to the last pagan king of Mercia…​

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You Reap What You Sow

  • Fiction

Dodging the devil is a tricky game, and our character learns this through years of cunning and necromancy passed down by the generations of women before her.​

idas harp ft

Ida’s Harp​

  • Fiction

Strange are the things you sometimes find washed up by the side of the river. Stranger still are the people who might collect them…​

alchemy ft


  • Fiction

As a coal-fired power station nears the end of its life, an elderly engineer finds it hard to let go…​

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  • Fiction

A returned soldier with PTSD finds himself working as a driver for an old army friend. His first shift doesn’t go to plan when he starts to see signs. Signs in the license plates, orders meant just for him. And he’ll do anything for the mission…

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Devlin Parade

  • Fiction

When a corrupt official puts the kibosh on attempts to save their neighbourhood from demolition, the members of a Community Land Trust cut through the red tape and make their final appeal… to a force more powerful and terrifying than even the most dedicated government bureaucrat. ​