Welcome to the Horrified Fiction page. Here is where you’ll find an expanding collection of some of the best British horror fiction (and one or two from further afield). Have a story you’d like us to consider for publication? Head over to our submissions page for info on how to submit your work…

Ralph’s Great Big Dog

  • Fiction

Story by Jay D. Green. Aria has moved from California to Scotland to start a new life and find the man of her dreams. Her relationship with Phin is going well, but when she turns up at his isolated farmhouse, he has been bitten by an animal whilst out jogging. But they’re not going to let that get in the way of their weekend. Meanwhile, a little way down the hill, Ralph’s great big dog is strangely silent.

The Monster of Glamis

  • Fiction

Story by Stuart Cleland. A man is determined to find a secret chamber in a castle. From the moment of discovery and enlightenment on its tragic history, he is never alone. Or safe.

Dust and Shadow

  • Fiction

Dominic Thresher, Consultant in Obstetrics and purveyor of humiliation to the unfortunate, finds a different audience in this story by Paul Radcliffe…

The Night of Herne the Hunter

  • Fiction

Folk horror and political satire combine when a populist prime minister inveigles a royal invitation to boost his flagging poll ratings, only to invoke a revenge from history…

Oh, Come Ye to the Skimmity

The story takes the pre-industrial perspective of a beaten wife, who prepares for the impending, communal punishment of her husband, and his ritual murder…

Out With the Tide

  • Fiction

Beginning a new life by the ocean to escape from his debauched LA existence, Bartholomew finds something even more nightmarish brought in by the tide…


  • Fiction

Down in the permanent blackness, an organism retains a memory of a food source untasted for many centuries…

The Oracle of His Ashes

In the dreaming spires of Oxford, a professor finds an ancient incantation, given by a witch to the last pagan king of Mercia…​

You Reap What You Sow

  • Fiction

Dodging the devil is a tricky game, and our character learns this through years of cunning and necromancy passed down by the generations of women before her.​