Here, you’ll find an expanding collection of some of the best British horror short fiction. Have a story you’d like us to consider for publication? Head over to our Contact page for info on how to submit your work…



Yorkshire, 1963. A boy and his grandfather settle down for a day’s fishing. Close by is fellow angler ‘Painter’ Jack, who baits his hook with maggots… and eats them by the fistful…

the pumpkin patch

The Pumpkin Patch

Once you die you go in the ground, right? Wrong. Crazed Edward is determined to maintain, please and talk to his crop of pumpkins. Doomed to a seemingly horrific life, he sees no way out of his role… 



Laura is exhausted. She sits with her mum having coffee after a harrowing night of haunting. Laura’s haunting continues at breakfast and throughout the day. The haunting intensifies at her local pub, where she has to confront her monster, a monster that lives deep within her. A monster that is a depiction of her eating disorder Anorexia…

A Kind of Darkness

In Mexico, a man notices a woman staring at him in a cafe. After visiting a brothel, the man is kidnapped by thugs and soon finds himself trapped in a storeroom with no obvious means of escape…

the onion man

The Onion Man

A man recalls a peculiar incident while staying in a small village, leading to the demise of his relationship…

A man recalls a small village and the strange experience he had in a small village that led to the end of his relationship.

the embankment

The Embankment

Children go where they shouldn’t. On a railway embankment in winter, no birds sing. One boy takes up a dare. The other children know there are ghosts. Perhaps they will make new friends. Childhood is imagination. Mostly.