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Distress and Calling

  • Fiction

Every night, when her dad is asleep, Bretta creeps downstairs and listens to the voice in the boiler room…

Stork - Sophia Adamowicz


  • Fiction

When eleven-year-old Sheffielder, Matthew, goes in search of his missing kittens, he discovers dark forces at work on Ruskins Road…​

so much to see - frazer lee

So Much To See

  • Fiction

When the circus comes to town promising ‘So much to see…and kids go free!’ it provides a welcome diversion for busy single mum Hannah. But she soon discovers that unspeakable nightmares lurk behind the canvas flap of the big top…

in the tomb of the red king feat

In the Tomb of the Red King

A tip-off from a local stranger sends Francis, a keen archaeologist, to an ancient tomb in Cornwall. Fiction by Hank Belbin.​..

finding shadows in the fire featured image

Finding Shadows in the Fire

John watches with increasing horror as the ordeal of Emma Dryden, a woman accused of blasphemy and slander, spirals disturbingly out of control. Historical horror by R.P. Serin.

Lowly and Solemn Be

Lowly and Solemn Be

While inspecting an abandoned school with his granddaughter, a maintenance worker begins to experience strange and disturbing feelings. This story, the debut of writer Carrie Mills, is based in part on a real experience…​

green chain walk

Green Chain Walk

A quaint village, rural walks, good company and hospitality – surely the ingredients for a relaxing few days away? However, a fireside tale at the Haunted Man Inn leads to the boundaries of the Green Chain Walk, and events take a far from normal turn…​

dissection of the cockroach

Dissection Of The Cockroach

In Steven Sheil’s disturbing dystopian tale, ‘Dissection Of The Cockroach’, the reader is taken on a disturbing and mesmeric journey, seen – literally – through the eyes of the main protagonist… ​

jennifer's dream

Jennifer’s Dream

  • Fiction

When you enter the gallery, turn right, and you will reach Jennifer’s dream…