Stephen Volk in black and white


A celebration of

Stephen Volk

From the terrifying and controversial BBC programme, Ghostwatch, to the exceptional poignancy of a grief-stricken Peter Cushing in Whitstable, Stephen Volk is a master of genre writing. This retrospective explores his work…

baby on board

Baby On Board: A Production Diary

Andrew David Barker shares this ongoing production diary charting the making of the short film Baby On Board, written by Stephen Volk and directed by Andrew...

The Dark Masters Trilogy

Ann Laabs delves into Stephen Volk's The Dark Masters Trilogy, a triumvirate of novellas featuring a grieving Peter Cushing, a very young Alfred Hitchcock, and Dennis Wheatley's mysterious summons from…
studio of screams featured image

Studio of Screams – a review

Studio of Screams, an Amicus-style prose portmanteau featuring novellas by several authors, including Stephen Volk, is reviewed for Horrified by Paul Gorman...​
coffinmaker’s blues featured image

Coffinmaker’s Blues – a review

Ally Wilkes reviews Coffinmaker's Blues, an entertaining and timely look at the perils and joys of genre fiction by screenwriter and author, Stephen Volk...