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Choose your top 20 British horror television top 50 Take part in our British horror television top 50. Choose your 20 favourite television programmes, episodes, films or series. Full details and submission rules below… Loading… Public Information Films: Dark & Lonely Waters August 15, 2020 The nightmare fuel of a generation of schoolchildren. Public Information …

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‘Marius’ appears to a bullied schoolboy in his dreams. When the bullying becomes rather extreme, Marius appears to the schoolboy and takes him to claim his revenge. However, it soon becomes clear that this imaginary revenge is all too real.

the reeds

The Reeds

Paul’s M.R. James-esque story, The Reeds, is set around the town where he grew up. In it, a grieving widower seeks solitude in a small village, where the ancient past is never far from the surface. And at every turn, the mighty reedbed that lines the river estuary haunts him – huge, unknown and mysterious…

the reunion

The Reunion

The protagonist of Max’s story receives an unexpected Christmas invitation from his ex-wife, after ten years of separation, which he tentatively accepts. The resulting reunion is a bittersweet affair, and not without its own mystery and magic…