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Children of the stones 2020

Would the Stones like Fries with That? Examining the Tension Between Modernity and Folk Horror in Children of the Stones

Sam Pheby-McGarvey examines the tensions between modernity and folk horror communities in Children of the Stones. Focusing on the interaction between the community and modern outsiders, the isolated nature of Milbury and its rejection of modern society and technology. What this tells us of our anxieties about modernity, and warnings about returning to pastoral life…

horror stalking our streets

Horror Stalking Our Streets

When we migrated to the cities, the isolation and terrors of an uncaring rural nature should have been left behind. Instead, as Melissa Elborn discovers, terror has followed us into our towns…

scorpion tales 1978

Stingless Stories: Scorpion Tales (1978)

Scorpion Tales occupies a lower tier in the pantheon of great British horror television of the 1970s, but did it deserve more than a single series? Andrew Screen investigates the programme’s six-episode run…​

moondial 1988

Ghosts In Time: revisiting Moondial

Time-travel or ghost story? Robert Taylor takes a look at Moondial, a classic children’s drama that puts the resilience of children, in the face of adversity, at its heart…​