How The BBC Created Hammer

Far from Hammer being the populariser of material from the stolid BBC, it was the adaptation of existing popular BBC shows that allowed Hammer to succeed, as Derek Johnston explains….​

how the bbc created hammer

Karloff On Television: The ‘Other’ Thriller

A decade before Brian Clemens’ Thriller, NBC in the US broadcast an identically-titled anthology show of its very own, introduced British horror legend, Boris Karloff. Jane Nightshade takes us back to 1962…

thriller boris karloff

Would the Stones like Fries with That? Examining the Tension Between Modernity and Folk Horror in Children of the Stones

Sam Pheby-McGarvey examines the tensions between modernity and folk horror communities in Children of the Stones. Focusing on the interaction between the community and modern outsiders, the isolated nature of Milbury and its rejection of modern society and technology. What this tells us of our anxieties about modernity, and warnings about returning to pastoral life…

Children of the stones 2020

Horror Stalking Our Streets

When we migrated to the cities, the isolation and terrors of an uncaring rural nature should have been left behind. Instead, as Melissa Elborn discovers, terror has followed us into our towns…

horror stalking our streets