The Reunion

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The protagonist of Max’s story receives an unexpected Christmas invitation from his ex-wife, after ten years of separation, which he tentatively accepts. The resulting reunion is a bittersweet affair, and not without its own mystery and magic…

the reunion

Halls of Residents

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With Christmas approaching and a brief respite in lockdown, one student chooses to remain alone in her halls of residence over the festive period. But has she made a terrible mistake?

halls of residents

The Mall

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A tour into a hellish purgatory where you shop ‘till you drop

The Mall


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There are many places that offer a source of relief and sanctuary for us, in our hours of need. What if, however, one such place was to become anything but a safe haven? Enter, if you dare, the Cubicle…


Wally’s Corner

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Wally and his old friend, Ronnie, go back a long way. Now, in the twilight of their years, they find looking back can be a bitter-sweet business. And letting go can be even more painful…

wally's corner

Nancarrow’s Mirror

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Am-dram company Director, Danny Cavendish, is a serial womaniser, on the run from his past. As production rehearsals grow increasingly sour, Danny enlists the help of a local woman, Annie Nancarrow, who uses mirrors in a most mysterious way…

nancarrow's mirror

Call and Response

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An aspiring singer begins to lose control as she inches ever closer to perfection…

call and response

Don’t Hook Now

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Modern technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? An app for this and an app for that. Imagine, however, the app that grants the wildest dreams – dreams that may just descend into nightmares…

don't hook now


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In this story from our youngest author, Ben Unsworth (15), the normal dangers of breaking down on the roadside pale into insignificance. On this Highway to Hell, stricken drivers will receive no breakdown assistance, instead becoming bait for a far more sinister presence.


The Corn Bride

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This salutary tale is a sharp reminder that, if you deal with the Devil, even unwittingly, be prepared to pay your dues…

Rotting corn in a field