Rainbow Pit

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Rainbow Pit is part of a series of stories that Ray has been writing for a project he calls Municipal Gothic – and is set in an underpass beneath a motorway where a troubled man is forced to confront a fatal incident from his teenage years…

rainbow pit

Boys of the Old Brigade

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Boys of the Old Brigade follows a veteran of the Irish war of independence, returning to ‘Blighty’ to open a butcher shop in Camden town; but will the ghosts of war follow him home, and will he heed the Banshee’s cry that follows him in his dreams?

Boys of the Old Brigade scaled

In The Service Of The Queen

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After the war, came the task of rebuilding. The rubble had to be cleared. The ruins had to be rebuilt. And the dead had to be laid to rest…

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Where The Little Boy Drowned

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Gordon’s New Year resolution to exercise more is one that many of us explore, following the possible excesses of Christmas. But in Jim Mountfield’s tense tale, it leads the protagonist down an altogether much stranger path…

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In The City In The Smog

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In a city choked with poisonous smog, a young boy flees his murderous father. He finds another, nightmarish city whose inhabitants might save him – but at what price?

simon bestwick


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‘Marius’ appears to a bullied schoolboy in his dreams. When the bullying becomes rather extreme, Marius appears to the schoolboy and takes him to claim his revenge. However, it soon becomes clear that this imaginary revenge is all too real.

Marius scaled

The Woman Who Loved Winter

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The cold embrace of winter forms a commanding backdrop, in Jonathan’s haunting and atmospheric tale of a love which cannot and will not be denied…

the woman who loved winter

The Reeds

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Paul’s M.R. James-esque story, The Reeds, is set around the town where he grew up. In it, a grieving widower seeks solitude in a small village, where the ancient past is never far from the surface. And at every turn, the mighty reedbed that lines the river estuary haunts him – huge, unknown and mysterious…

the reeds

When the Ghosts Went

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John Arkwright has seen ghosts for years: in the bingo hall, in the supermarket; everywhere. The day the ghosts stop, John realises something has drastically changed…

when the ghosts went


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Daniel’s relationship with his roommates has deteriorated, along with his dangerous relationship with drugs and alcohol. There is a high price to pay, however, when Daniel’s anger spills over one last time…