Don’t Hook Now

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Modern technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? An app for this and an app for that. Imagine, however, the app that grants the wildest dreams – dreams that may just descend into nightmares…

don't hook now


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In this story from our youngest author, Ben Unsworth (15), the normal dangers of breaking down on the roadside pale into insignificance. On this Highway to Hell, stricken drivers will receive no breakdown assistance, instead becoming bait for a far more sinister presence.


The Corn Bride

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This salutary tale is a sharp reminder that, if you deal with the Devil, even unwittingly, be prepared to pay your dues…

Rotting corn in a field

The White Tree

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No one touches the White Tree. A forester, Sam Edwards, has been tasked with cutting it down. But what might happen when one crosses a line that ought not be crossed? Might nature take things into its own hands?

trees in a forest

The Periphery

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Just what is it that Robert can see, elusive, in the corner of his eye? Who is the mysterious woman, captivating his thoughts and dreams? Who, or what, waits on The Periphery?

cliffs facing the sea

The Subtlety of Serpents

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Knowing your own mind is a good thing, but listening to advice is worthwhile too, as the protagonist of this story discovers, in The Subtlety of Serpents.

closeup of a green snake's body

Measure Twice

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The internet is full of solutions for all our life problems, for a small price. Imagine Penny’s joy when one ‘solution’ actually worked…

closeup of measuring tape wrapped around hand

Vinegar Tom

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The eerie sound of a fox in the night has been known to shred the nerves. In ‘Vinegar Tom’ that is only the beginning…

vinegar tom featured image