[Review] Exit (2020)

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Exit is the feature-length début of Michael Fausti, who unveiled the film at last year’s Horror-on-Sea. Graham Williamson takes a look…​

EXIT publicity Adrienne2 1 scaled

[Review] Far From the Apple Tree

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Ellis Reed reviews Grant McPhee’s Far From the Apple Tree, ‘a dazzling film with shades of the occult and folk horror’…​

Far From the Apple Tree

[Review] I am the Dark Tourist

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Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews I am the Dark Tourist by H. E. Sawyer, a thought-provoking, uncomfortable and chilling look at the appeal of ‘dark tourism’…

i am the dark tourist

[Review] Ten Little Indians (1965)

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The 1965 version of the Agatha Christie classic is coming to Blu-Ray on 15 March, courtesy of Network. Jonathan Rowe takes a look…​


[Review] The Heiress (2021)

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Bobby Diabolus takes a look at new supernatural horror The Heiress from first time director Chris Bell…​

cropped heiress poster

[Review] The Battersea Poltergeist (2021)

Highly popular BBC podcast, The Battersea Poltergeist, revisits the infamous mid-50s haunting and attempts to uncover the truth behind the remarkable story. Graham Williamson reviews the podcast for Horrified…

the battersea poltergeist

[Review] Under A Raven’s Wing

Ann Laabs reviews Under A Raven’s Wing, Stephen Volk’s collection of Sherlock Holmes prequel stories featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s detective Dupin…

under a raven's wing stephen volk

[Review] Made In Britain

WJ Brown reviews Made in Britain from HellBound Books: ‘everything a horror anthology should be’…

made in britain cover