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[Review] Standing Woman

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Tony Hipwell has a new short film out – and it couldn’t be more different to Zomblogalypse! We take a look at Standing Woman, based on a story by Yasutaka Tsutsui…

[Review] Society Place

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David Allkins reviews Society Place, a novella by Andrew David Barker: ‘a great addition to English supernatural horror’.

[Review] A Quiet Apocalypse

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Robert Welbourn reviews A Quiet Apocalypse by Dave Jeffery, the first in a series of post-apocalyptic novellas set in a meningitis-ravaged Britain.

[Review] Devils of London

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William Brown reviews Devils of London, Simon Bestwick’s novella set in a post-apocalyptic London: ‘historically- and politically-attuned horror, smouldering with dread.’

[Review] Human Beings

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Ann Laabs reviews Human Beings, a quietly dread-inducing collection of short stories by Rachael Llewellyn that will ‘break your heart while creeping your flesh’.​

[Review] Just Behind You

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Mike O’Driscoll explores Ramsey Campbell’s world – ‘a dark, refracted vision of our own’ – in his short story collection Just Behind You.​

[Review] Randall’s Round

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Horrified’s Ally Wilkes is entranced by Randall’s Round: Nine Nightmares by Eleanor Scott: ‘a powerful distillation of the British Weird.’​