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the show ft

[Review] The Show (2020)

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Ellis Reed reviews The Show, Alan Moore’s screenwriting début, from the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest. Mitch Jenkins directs…​

beneath the trees feat

[Review] Beneath the Trees (2019)

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Mark Anthony Ayling reviews Beneath the Trees by Marco De Luca, which is now available to stream through the Sky Store and Amazon Prime…

the midwife 3

[Review] The Midwife (2021)

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Ellis Reed reviews The Midwife, a chilling indie horror by Ryan Gage and Marta Baidek, which recently appeared on Amazon Prime…​

harvest 2

[Review] Harvest

Paul Gorman reviews Harvest, a superbly enjoyable graphic novel about occult practices in the English countryside, by Julian Payne and Zoe Elkins​…

the nameless

[Review] The Nameless

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William Brown reviews The Nameless, the final entry in Luke Walker’s excellent and action-packed Nameless trilogy…