[Review] Country of Hotels (2019)

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In his feature film début, London-based director Julio Maria Martino invites us to stay in Room 508. Graham Williamson reviews Country of Hotels for Horrified…​

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[Review] The Cottingley Cuckoo

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Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews The Cottingley Cuckoo by AJ Elwood, a deeply chilling literary horror novel for fans of Rosemary’s Baby and dark fairy lore…​

The Cottingley Cuckoo

[Review] Such Pretty Things

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Horrified’s Ally Wilkes reviews Such Pretty Things by Lisa Heathfield, a short and nightmarish novel for fans of Susan Hill or Henry James…​

such pretty things

[Review] Midsummer Eve

Dan Carpenter reviews Midsummer Eve (ed. Steve J Shaw), the sixth volume in Black Shuck Books’ terrific Great British Horror anthology series…

midsummer eve

[Review] The Power (2021)

In Corinna Faith’s feature length début, a trainee nurse is haunted during a blackout. Ellis Reed reviews for Horrified…

the power 4

[Review] The Abyss Within

William J Brown reviews The Abyss Within, a collection of short macabre delights from SmashBear Publishing with all proceeds going towards Women’s Aid…

The Abyss Within

[Review] The Black Gloves (2017)

Last month, the colour version of Lawrie Brewster’s horror melodrama, The Black Gloves, became available to stream on Amazon. Mark Anthony Ayling reviews the film for Horrified…

the black gloves