[Review] Minor Hauntings

Sarah Johnson reviews Minor Hauntings: Chilling Tales of Spectral Youth (ed. Jen Baker), the latest in the British Library’s excellent Tales of the Weird series…

[Review] Cult Cinema

Andrew Pope explores cults, brainwashing and ‘bad religion’ in Howard David Ingham’s non-fiction book Cult Cinema.

[Review] Dark Missives

William Brown reviews Dan Howarth’s Dark Missives: ‘all killer, no filler’ from a true master of horror…​

[Review] Cheslyn Myre

Paul Gorman visits the troubled town of Cheslyn Myre in Dan Weatherer’s new novella, and wants to see more…

[Review] Picker’s Bleed

William Brown reviews Picker’s Bleed, a tale of witchy curses, haunted houses, and demonic possession from Mark R. Faulkner…

[Review] Too Near the Dead

A young couple move into a brand new house, but a spirit from the past will not be quelled. Paul Gorman reviews Too Near the Dead, a haunting story from the Scottish countryside, by Helen Grant.​..

[Review] Babythump (2021)

Andrew Screen reviews 2021’s BABYTHUMP, the second horror short film from editor-turned-director, Ian Killick…​