Would the Stones like Fries with That? Examining the Tension Between Modernity and Folk Horror in Children of the Stones

Sam Pheby-McGarvey examines the tensions between modernity and folk horror communities in Children of the Stones. Focusing on the interaction between the community and modern outsiders, the isolated nature of Milbury and its rejection of modern society and technology. What this tells us of our anxieties about modernity, and warnings about returning to pastoral life…

Children of the stones 2020

The female experience of fear, and an un-quiet revolution in horror

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The female experience of fear is a unique and insidious one, founded on the experiences, encounters and realities many women face on a day to day basis. Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Gemma Amor examines the complexities of female fear, charts the impact of these collective experiences in relation to the horror genre, and explores the unquiet revolution playing out on both screen and page…​

gemma amor

Holidays in a Haunted Country

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When you love escaping from reality into horror, it is somewhat irritating when the tables are turned. You’re trapped and scared, it is time to plan a dark holiday. Tamar Newton explores the options…

haunted holidays scaled

Drabness and Dread: On Robert Aickman

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Alexander J. Zawacki discusses the life and work of author Robert Aickman, whose strange tales of dread and unease defy easy categorisation…

robert aickman