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James Whale: God of Monsters

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James Whale is a megalith of early horror cinema. An out gay man, he direct some of the greatest gothic horror films Universal Pictures would ever produce. Retrospectively seen to be saturated with queer subtext Whale’s films celebrate ‘the outsider’ figure that would characterise the horror movie genre for decades to come. Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana explores the man and his monsters…

Naked Terror! Celebrating The Invisible Man

  • Film

In Horrified’s first piece on the British influence in Universal’s Classic Monster stable, Johnny Restall explores James Whale’s 1933 adaptation of H.G. Wells’s The Invisible Man…

Of Dogs, Dreams and Doom: The Appointment (1981)

  • Film

Ray Newman examines Lindsey C. Vickers’ obscure 1981 British horror, The Appointment. With a recently announced BFI Blu-ray coming in 2022, the film is notable for being Vickers’ one and only feature-length film…​

The Borderlands (2013) – Revisited

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Ellis Reed returns to the 2013 British horror classic The Borderlands, a found footage film bringing fresh ideas (and scares) to the sub-genre…