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Subverting Genre: Peter Strickland In Film

  • Film

Peter Strickland has forged a career from a desire to reconfigure whichever genre he works in. In this essay for Horrified, Graham Williamson discusses the British director’s work…​

peter strickland

God Rest Ye, Bloody Gentlemen

  • Film

With the festive season upon us, what better way to celebrate than with MJ Simpson’s curated selection of British Christmas horror? There’s one each for the 12 days of Christmas, so plenty to add to your yuletide watchlist…

bloody gentlemen

The Darling Buds of Slay

  • Film

The most celebrated of ‘serious’ British directors have taken detours into horror over the years, often producing some of the most thoughtful, nuanced and impactful genre highlights committed to celluloid. Matt Rogerson takes a look at the UK’s long lineage of cinema darlings who turned to the darkest of genres…​

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