Welcome to the Horrified Fiction page. Here is where you’ll find an expanding collection of some of the best British horror fiction (and one or two from further afield). Have a story you’d like us to consider for publication? Head over to our submissions page for info on how to submit your work…

A Mirror Darkly

  • Fiction

A second-hand mirror bought to brighten a home reflects something much darker altogether…

A Glazed White Face

  • Fiction

Could the harmless effigy of a cat hold such sinister power? For god’s sake, beware the stare from the Glazed White Face.

The Prisoner of London

Loss and regret; Sadness. Eavesdrop on the correspondence between a killer and his muse. The cause of so much; the punishment for much more.

The English Dark

  • Fiction

A pair of brothers execute a simple kidnapping for ransom, but neither quite trusts the other’s intentions…

The Brook Witch

  • Fiction

Amid a fierce snowstorm, a young girl must protect her ailing sister against the biting cold and the Brook Witch. But does the witch really exist?

The Selkie Warehouse

  • Fiction

Taken from the sea, a therianthropic selkie discovers the horrible truth behind the fate of her kind…

Beyond the horizon

Could the idyllic cottage down the country lane be Aaron and Judith’s dream home, or the stuff of nightmares? Be careful what you wish for…

The Peacock Tavern

  • Fiction

The mysterious disappearance of Colin Carmichael leads investigator Mr Surety to an old tavern, the last known whereabouts of the missing man. But something is not right. Not right at all.

A Morning on Crow Hill

  • Fiction

Nora Watkins is the wife of a 17th Century village gravedigger. When the night-watchman kills a mysterious figure it falls on Nora to retrieve the body – but on Crow Hill, things are never what they seem.