Celebrating Edward Parnell’s Ghostland

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Joe Howsin interviews the author Edward Parnell about his 2019 book, Ghostland, a haunting meditation on the ghost story, weird fiction in British film, television and literature, and a personal reflection on grief and loss…​

edward parnell ghostland: in search of a haunted country

Occult Uncle: Dennis Wheatley (Part one)

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Dennis Wheatley’s work is defined by his occult writing, but his books and stories often incorporated the work of the devil alongside Wheatley’s staunch political beliefs. KB Morris explores the writer’s work and life in the first of two essays…

dennis wheatley

Once The Thrilling Starts

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An interview with Martin Marshall, the writer of a new, in-depth guide to the 1970s anthology series, Thriller…


Ten Terrifying & True Terror Tales

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Terror Tales editor, Paul Finch, recounts 10 of the most disturbing true terror anecdotes he’s collected during his time as custodian of the much-loved series…​

tales of terror