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Welcome to the ultimate British horror compendium. An Encyclopedia Britannica Horribilis, if you will, where you’ll be able to find information on everything British horror-related.

Looking for a British horror film released in 1974 (a good year)? Then type ‘1974’ below. How about that television programme featuring Edward Petherbridge that fuelled your nightmares as a child. Look no further. Was Christopher Lee really in The Wicker Tree? Afraid so. 

One thing this A-Z most definitely isn’t, though, is complete. And it never will be. You see, it’s a living document. One that will continue to develop and grow over time and probably (hopefully) outlive us all. From little acorns, etc. 

But we do need your help to build and maintain it. If you’d like to take part, write concise reviews (300-word max) of any British horror film, a television programme (or specific episode), book, podcast, score and so on, pitch us here

Here’s what we’re looking for from each piece:

  • A review of your chosen British horror subject of interest (300 words approx)
  • Include separately the date of UK release or initial broadcast
  • Include separately at least the top five actors featured in the film/television programme/audio play, etc.
  • Also, please include separately the director(s), writer(s) and production company
  • If reviewing a book, include separately the author, date of publication and publisher
  • Give each piece a rating out of five
  • Once we’ve approved your pitch, you’ll have two weeks to send over your finished draft for each piece (to be sent back to via this email address). Try not to overstretch yourself. Just take on one or two that you think you’ll be able to manage, to begin with 🙂
  • Don’t forget to include your name and a very brief (20-word max) bio
  • Have fun! If you have any issues or questions at all, either send us a Direct Message via the Horrified Twitter page or email us here

We’d like each and every one of you to be able to take part and we’re looking for smart, well-written, informative (and fun) pieces that open the door to British horror for the new fan, casual observer or British horror stalwart who thinks they’ve seen, read and heard it all….but obviously haven’t or they’d be 1,000 years old. Or thereabouts. 

Part of the reason for doing this is to grow what is already a brilliant community. Social media has been a gift for bringing people together with a love for British horror and The A-Z of British Horror aims to extend that, allowing people to discover its majesty and – sometimes – questionable delights. If you’re not one for social media, we’ve set up a forum where you can chat away to your heart’s content.

We’re starting small and there are an absolute plethora of articles to be written, posted, linked and so on (please hold on, hosting platform!) and we’re working on a first-come-first-served basis, so get in quickly if you have a hankering to write about the aforementioned, rarified ‘delights’ of The Wicker Tree (ahem) or every episode of ITV’s 1995 five-parter, Chiller. From almost forgotten British horror short films of the 1970s to Tod Slaughter’s gloriously hammy performances in the likes of The Face at the Window; from classic Hammer to straight-to-DVD indie British horror, we want it all. 

Of course, we’re under no illusion about what a gargantuan project this is but that’s part of the fun of it. 

Oh, and did we mention there’ll be a weekly prize for the best review? 

So, to coin a sinister phrase…join us…

Jae and the Horrified team

Pitch us here