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    Let’s talk Hammer Films. I’ll start with a question…favourite Hammer film and why?

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    Quatermass & The Pit.

    A great adaptation of the original TV series, with a terrific central performance (Andrew Keir the best Bernard? certainly the best cinematic incarnation IMO – ironic as the actor apparently hated the experience), a lovely claustrophobic set, and some genuine creepiness. Also one of Neale’s strongest recurring ideas – the supernatural having a scientific explanation. A proper bleak ending too.

    Talking of that ending, if what was eventually to become Quatermass (IV/Conclusion) got made when it was originally intended, then the global chaos unleashed by the Martians in QatP would go some way to explaining the collapse of society we see in the final storyline. An even bleaker ending, as “normality” is not resumed once the Martian energy is “earthed” by Roney’s sacrifice – the damage is done to humanity’s psyche, and all goes even more to ****, giving rise to the Planet People, Badders, etc. that we see in the good professor’s swansong.

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    Dene O

    The Devil Rides Out / The Devil’s Bride

    Aside from Quatermass – beaten to it (see above) – this is the Hammer that frightened young me the most. It’s the uncompromising dark tone, unlike the camp Hammers, and the triumph of superstition over the fool’s world of rational judgment. It neatly mirrors the viewer’s own critical position, or mine anyway, as I found most films fairly easy to dismiss, or create a rational distance from. Not this one.

    Much later, I discovered who wrote the screenplay, and it made complete sense it was my childhood hero whose books built the most fantastic and believable worlds. Talking about Richard Matheson.

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